Used Agilent 34970A
Data Acquisition / Switch Unit, Refurbished

  • Up to 120 Channels
  • 3-slot mainframe, offers up to 96 matrix crosspoints or 120 single-ended channels
  • 6 ½-digit (22-bit) internal Digital Multimeter
  • 50k readings of non-volatile memory holds data when power is removed
  • Scaling function for converting raw inputs into user-defined units
  • Monitor display mode lets you keep an eye on tests in progress
  • HI/LO alarm limits on each input channel, plus 4 TTL alarm outputs
  • Battery-backed real-time clock for pacing scans and time-stamping readings
  • Built-in HP-IB and RS-232 interfaces
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Agilent 34970A is a high-performance, low-cost data acquisition and switching mainframe idea for data logging, data acquisition, and general purpose switching and control applications.

Measurements you can trust

Agilent took the measurement engine from their best-selling benchtop DMM and embedded it inside a 3-slot cardcage. You get the benefit of proven Agilent measurement performance, universal inputs with built-in signal conditioning, and modular flexibility, all in a low-cost, compact data acquisition package. Agilent 34970A features 6 1/2 digits (22 bits) of resolution, 0.004% basic dcV accuracy, and ultra-low reading noise. Combine that with scan rates of up to 250 channels/sec, and you've got the speed and accuracy you need to get the job done right the first time.

Powerful flexibility to get your job done

Whether you need to measure temperature, ac/dc volts, resistance, frequency or current -- the Agilent 34970A can handle it. The internal autoranging DMM directly measures 11 different functions, eliminating the need for expensive external signal conditioning. And our unique design allows complete per-channel configurability for maximum flexibility and quick, easy set up. It s like having an independent, high-performance DMM behind each channel.

Custom configurations that grow with you

Three module slots and eight switch/control modules allow you to customize the Agilent 34970A to meet your unique requirements. Buy only what you need -- and add more modules later as your application grows.  See: Module Selection Guide, Below

Unequaled ease of use

From the simplified configuration procedures, to the self-guiding front panel interface, we put in extra time and energy to save yours. Simple things -- like on-module screw-terminal connectors, built-in thermocouple reference junctions, well-organized user documentation full of examples and hints and a standard "getting-started" kit that will have you making measurements 15 minutes out of the box -- all add up to increased productivity, whether you use the instrument every day or only now and then.

Agilent 34970A offers unequaled versatility for your data acquisition applications

In the past, you had to make a choice. On the one hand, you could choose the simple operation and low cost of a data logger. On the other hand, you had the flexibility and higher performance of a modular data acquisition system. The Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit gives you the best of both worlds: a simple user interface with low per-channel cost, modular flexibility and impressive measurement performance.

It's a data logger

Configured with a 20-channel relay multiplexer, the Agilent 34970A becomes a powerful, low-cost data logger for simple characterization applications -- one that's quick to set up and easy to run.

It's a data acquisition front-end

Agilent 34970A is an automated test system with excellent measurement performance -- it has the accuracy, resolution and speed you need.

It's a switch system

Order the mainframe without the internal DMM and you've got an even lower cost, high-quality signal routing solution.

Port 1 and Port 2 8 bit, input or output, non-isolated
Vin(L) <0.8V (TTL)
Vin(H) >2.0V (TTL)
Vout(L) <0.8V @ |out = -400 mA
Vout(H) <2.4V @ |out = 1mA
Vout(H) max <42V with external open drain pull-up
Alarming Maskable pattern match or state change
Speed 4 ms (max) alarm sampling
Latency 5 ms (typical) to 34970A alarm output
Read/Write Speed 95/s
Maximum Count 226- 1
Totalize Input 100 kHz (max) Rising or falling edge, programmable
Signal Level 1 Vp-p (min)
42 Vpk (max)
Threshold 0V or TTL, jumper selectable
Gate Input TTL-Hi, TTL-Lo, or none
Count Reset Manual or Read + Reset
Read Speed 85/s
DAC 1, 2 ± 12V, non-isolated
Resolution 1 mV
|out 10 mA max
Settling Time 1 ms to 0.01% of output
Accuracy ±(% of output + mV)
1 year ±5°C 0.15% + 6 mV
90 day ±5°C 0.1% + 6 mV
4 hour ±1°C 0.04% + 4 mV
Temperature Coefficient ± (0.015% + 1 mV) / °C
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
34970A Agilent / HP 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit , Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart Sale $795.00
(Reg. $825.00)
Module Selection Guide
Model Description Type Speed ch/sec Max Volts Max Amps Band-width Thermal Offset Comments Buy Price
34901A 20 Ch
2-wire armature (4-wire selectable) 60 300 V 1A 10 MHz < 3 μV Built-in cold junction reference 2 additional current channels (22 total) more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart Sale $225.00
(Reg. $285.00)
34902A 16 Ch
2-wire reed (4-wire selectable) 250 300 V 50 mA 10 MHz < 6 μV Built-in cold junction reference more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart $385.00
34903A 20 Ch
SPDT/form C 120 300 V 1A 10 MHz < 3 μV more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart $269.00
34904A 4 x 8 Matrix 2-wire armature 120 300 V 1A 10 MHz < 3 μV more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart $295.00
34905A Dual 4 Ch
RF Mux 50Ω
Common Low (unterminated) 60 42 V 0.7 A 2 GHz < 6 μV 1 GHz bandwidth through BNC-to-SMB adapter cable more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart Sale $395.00
(Reg. $495.00)
34906A Dual 4 Ch
RF Mux 75Ω
Common Low (unterminated) 60 42 V 0.7 A 2 GHz < 6 μV 1 GHz bandwidth through BNC-to-SMB adapter cable more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart $495.00
34907A Multifunction
Two 8-bit digital I/O ports 26-bit Event Counter Two 16-bit Analog outputs --- 42 V 42 V ±12 V 400 mA 10 mA 100 KHz dc --- Open drain Selectable input threshold Max 40 mA total output per frame more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart Sale $85.00
(Reg. $100.00)
34908A 40 Ch
1-wire armature (common low) 60 300 V 1A 10 MHz < 3 μV Built-in cold junction reference No four-wire measurements more > Click to add item to Shopping Cart $295.00