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Hewlett Packard 3488A
Switch/Control Unit, Refurbished

  • DC-26.5 signal switching
  • Matrix, multiplexer, and general purpose relays
  • Digital I/O control and actuation
  • Up to 50 channels
  • 40 configuration storage registers
  • 11 switch and control modules
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HP / Agilent 3488A Shown

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HP 3488A Switch/Control Unit brings versatile, HP-IB programmable switching to tests requiring multi-channel measurements.  The HP 3488A provides single switching with the integrity and isolation needed for high-performance production test systems.  It also offers a flexible, low-cost interconnection for automating experiments on the bench and for developing tests in the lab.  The HP 3488A is designed to hold up to 5 of the following switch and control modules:

Flexible Switching

The HP 3488A is an economical approach to flexible switching through plug-in modules.  You can select the right combination of switching functions to meet both performance and budget needs.  Testing is simplified by having one solution for connections of low-level DVM inputs, high-level dc and ac power, and microwave signals to 26.5 GHz.  Additional devices, such as microwave relays and programmable attenuators, are easily controlled with digital I/O functions.  Custom circuitry can also be implemented on breadboard modules.

Versatile Performance

The HP 3488A can store up to 40 complete switch configurations for convenient recall in automated test programs.  Switch operation can be done with multiple relay closures or with selectable channels in a break-before-make mode.   Break-before-make and recallable switch configurations can be combined in a programmable scan list.  The HP 3488A uses removable screw connectors that provide easily interchangeable wiring for each test.  Built-in self-test assures proper operation.


Control Module Model Number
10-Channel Relay Multiplexer 44470A
10-Channel General Purpose Relay 44471A
Dual 4-Channel VHF Switch 44472A
4 X 4 Matrix Switch 44473A
16-Bit Digital Input/Output 44474A
Breadboard 44475A
2-Channel Microwave Switch 44476A
7-Channel Form-C relay 44477A
3-Channel 18 GHz Microwave Switch 44478A
1.3 GHz 50-ohm Multiplexer 44478A
1.3 GHz 75-ohm Multiplexer 44478B

Multiplexer (Option 010/HP 44470A)

    Option 010 is a 10-channel multiplexer for scanning or multiple signal connections.  Channels switch 2 wires (Hi and Lo) with 2 PST relays for DVM inputs and other signals up to 250V and 2A.  This module can also be used to multiplex signals to other switching functions, such as the matrix module.

General Purpose Relay (Option 011/HP 44471A)

This module consists of 10 SPST independent relays for general signal switching and control of external devices.  Quality connections make this module ideal for switching signals when multiplexing is not required, or for supplying switchable power to the device under test.

VHF Switch (Option 012/HP 44472A)

The VHF module provides broadband switching for high-frequency and pulse signals.  The 2 independent groups of bidirectional 1 X 4 switches can be used for signals from dc to 300 MHz.  All channels have 50-ohm characteristic impedance and are break-before-make within a group of 4 channels.  Each group is isolated from the other and from ground to prevent ground loops.  Excellent isolation makes this module ideal for high-frequency signal analyzer measurements requiring a large dynamic range.

Matrix Switch (Option 013/HP 44473A)

Option 013 offers highly flexible switching with a 4 X 4, 2-wire matrix.  Any combination of 4 input channels may be connected to any combination of 4 output channels.  Each cross point or node in the matrix uses a 2SPST relay to switch 2 lines (Hi and Lo) at a time.  Multiple 4 X 4 modules can be connected to form larger matrices.  Multiplexers can be used in conjuction with this larger module to effectively expand the number of inputs and outputs of the matrix.

Digital I/O (Option 014/HP 44474A)

This module offers 16 very flexible bidirectional I/O lines and 4 TTL-compatible handshake lines for sensing and control of external devices.  The digital inputs can be used to sense contact closures to ground.  Each channel provides current sinks for remote switching of external relays, such as the HP 33311 series coaxial switches.

Breadboard (Option 015/HP 44475A)

The breadboard module provides a convenient way to implement custom circuits and special functions that interface directly to the HP 3488A's backplane control signals.

Microwave Switch (Option 016/HP 44476A)

This microwave switch furnishes 3 independent SPST 50-ohm coaxial switches with excellent performance from dc to 18 GHz.  The 3 mm SMA connector allows you to easily connect cables for multiple system configurations.

Form-C relay (Option 017/HP 44477A)

This module provides 7 separate SPDT channels for general purpose switching and control of external devices.  Using a power supply, this module can drive programmable attenuators and non-HP coaxial switches.

Microwave Switch (Option 018/HP 44478A)

The module brings multi-port 50-ohm coaxial switching to your test system.  The module can mount any two HP3331XX coaxial switches.  The HP coaxial relays come in 3-, 4-, and 5-port configurations-different switches for a variety of applications.  HP coaxial switches that can be used are:

HP Coaxial Switch Port Frequency
HP 33311B/Opt 011 3 dc to 18 GHz
HP 33311C/Opt 011 3 dc to 26.5 GHz
HP 33312B/Opt 011 4 dc to 18 GHz
HP 33312C/Opt 011 4 dc to 26.5 GHz
HP 33313B/Opt 011 5 dc to 18 GHz
HP 33313C/Opt 011 5 dc to 26.5 GHz

1.3 GHz 50-ohm Multiplexer (Option 019/HP 44478A)

1.3 GHz 75-ohm Multiplexer (Option 020/HP 44478B)

These modules bring bi-directional switching of signals from dc to 1.3 GHz, with high-channel isolation (>55 dB @ 1 GHz).  Each module consists of 2 groups of 1 X 4 multiplexers.  All test connections are made to BNC's on the module's edge.  Off-channels can be resistively terminated.

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3488A Agilent / HP 3488A Switch/Control Unit, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $125.00
44470A Agilent / HP 44470A 10 Channel Multiplexer module for 3499A/B, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $155.00
44471A Agilent / HP 44471A 10-Channel General Purpose Relay for 3499A/B, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $95.00
44472A Agilent / HP 44472A VHF Switch Module, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $125.00
44473A Agilent / HP 44473A - 4x4 Two-Wire Matrix Switch Module, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $155.00
44474A Agilent / HP 44474A 16-Bit Digital I/O Module for 3499A/B, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $145.00
44475A Agilent 44475A BreadBoard Module, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $250.00
44476A Agilent / HP 44476A Triple 1x2 Microwave (18 GHz) Module for 3499A/B, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $875.00
44477A Agilent / HP 44477A 7-Channel Form-C Relay Module for 3499A/B, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $145.00
44478A Agilent / HP 44478A Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Module (1.3GHz, 50 Ohm), Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $595.00
44478B Agilent / HP 44478B Dual 1x4 RF (1.3GHz) Multiplexer Module (75 Ohm), Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $295.00