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Fluke R-125/003

*Factory Reconditioned* 40 MHz, 2 Ch, 25 MS/s Industrial ScopeMeter

Same Warranty
as New Fluke Products!

Brand: Fluke
Model No: R-125/003
MPN: 4390601
Our Model No: 125003-UR
Condition: USED
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  • Dual-input 40 MHz or 20 MHz digital oscilloscope
  • Two 5,000-count true-rms digital multimeters
  • A dual-input TrendPlot recorder
  • Connect-and-View trigger simplicity for hands-off operation
  • Industrial Networks bus health testing
  • Fluke reconditioned products have the SAME warranty as new Fluke products.

The Fluke Factory Reconditioned R-125-003 compact ScopeMeter is the rugged solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications. It’s a truly integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and 'paperless' recorder in one affordable, easy-to-use instrument. When used, you can find fast answers to problems in machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems. Based on the Fluke 120 series, the 125/003 has all the capabilities of the 124 ScopeMeter extended with the capability to measure and analyze the signal quality on the common industrial buses. All Fluke factory reconditioned products come with the same warranty as a new Fluke product.

Resistance and Capacitance measurements.

Troubleshooting a network segment starts with checking connectivity, measuring the cable impedance making sure it is not open or shorted. Cable impedance is dependant on network type, for example, Foundation Fieldbus uses a 120 Ohm cable terminated at either end of the segment with 120 Ohms. Also, check capacitance, making sure it is within specification. A good cable is essential for proper electrical signal performance.

Network signal electrical performance.

Checking electrical signal performance requires measuring key parameters of the network signal. The Factory Reconditioned Fluke 125003 includes a Bus Health test mode that is used to trigger on and capture network signal waveforms. Select a bus type, the ScopeMeter Bus Health mode then runs algorithms to measure key signal parameters like bias voltages, signal low, high and peak-to-peak levels. The bus health mode also measures distortion or signal jitter determining overall signal quality.

Verify signaling meets specification.

The signal parameter measurements are compared to the industry specification, a low and high limit defined by the standard is used to determine if these key parameters are within specification. Display icons are used to clearly indicate which parameters are outside of the industry specification.

Fluctuating or incorrect bias voltages is indicative of grounding or termination issues, while low signal level measurements could mean there is excessive attenuation caused by too long cable runs, too many devices on one segment or simply incorrect network termination. Signal distortion like overshoot is a sign of reflections typically caused by cable imperfections or failing connectors.

Inspecting the signaling for disturbances is simplified with the “eye pattern” display mode. The clearer the center “eye” of the signal display the less distortion and disturbances on the signal. Phase noise and jitter are typical digital signal distortion caused by device receiver transmitter circuits. External electrical interference from high-energy sources such as lighting systems and heavy-duty machinery can be detected by inspecting the eye pattern.

Electrical interference like noise, static discharge and transients can cause network devices to reset, monitoring a segment can capture these events thereby helping to isolate their source.

Once the cabling and signaling parameters are eliminated, network protocol diagnostic tools are used to verify digital protocol performance.

Eliminating cabling and signal quality issues are two critical steps to isolating network performance issues. The Fluke 125/003 ScopeMeter includes measurement functions and algorithms that are used to verify the integrity of network digital signaling.

  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x STL-120 Test leads
  • 1 x VPS40 40 MHz Probe
  • 1 x BP120MH (installed)
  • 1 x i400s current clamp
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (380 KB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (2.7 MB)
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