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UniSource PS-1603
60 V 2-Channel DC Power Supply

  • Outputs: 0~60V/3A Variable, 5V/1A Fixed
  • Constant voltage, constant current operation
  • Two digital panel meters
  • High efficient, light and compact design
  • High power density
  • Output standby function
  • Overload and Reverse polarity protections
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Product Information
Datasheet 150 KB PDF
Manual 202 KB PDF
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Output Voltage 0-60 V Variable, 5 V Fixed
Output Current 0~3 A Variable, 1 A Fixed
Constant Voltage
Line Regulation ≤0.01%+3 mV
Load Regulation ≤0.01%+3 mV ≤0.02%+5 mV
Recovery Time ≤50 us(50~100% load change)
Ripple and Noise ≤1 mV rms
Temperature Co-Efficient ≤300 ppm/°C
Constant Current
Load Regulation ≤0.2%+3 mA
Line Regulation ≤0.2%+3 mA
Ripple and Noise ≤0.2%+3 mA
Temperature Co-Efficient ≤500 ppm/°C
Voltage Accuracy ±1%
Ripple and Noise ≤ 2 mV rms
Display Voltmeter display range 60 V
Display Resolution 100 mV
Display Accuracy 0.1%+2 d
Ammeter Display Range 3 A
Display Resolution 10 mA
Display mode 3 1/2 digit LED display
Power Source AC 110V/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating environment 5°C~40°C, <80%
Storage Environment -10°C~70°C, <80%
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Included Accessories
  • 1- Instruction Manual