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UniSource DS-1100
100 MHz, 2 Ch, Digital Storage Oscilloscope
See: 2542C

  • 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 M Memory
  • High resolution color LCD display
  • USB storage, RS232C & J45 interface
  • 4000 point record length for each channel
  • Multi-waveforms math, FFT Function
  • Built-in delay sweep function
  • Automatic Multi-waveform Measurement
  • Cursor & Track measurement
  • Waveform Record & Recall, Trigger Mode for Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope & Alternate
  • Display of date, clock and help information
  • Also available in 60 MHz DS-1065, 100 MHz DS-1200
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UniSource DS-1100 Shown

Product Information
Datasheet 155 KB PDF
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Vertical system Bandwidth 100 MHz
Channel CH1, CH2
Vertical Resolution 8 bit
Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div -50 V/div, 1-2-5 14 step
Simulation bandwidth -3 dB
Rising time ≤5.8ns
Input impedance 1 MΩ ±2%, 20 pF±5
Max safe input voltage 400 V(DC+AC peak) / frequency≤400 Hz
(when input impedance is 1 MΩ)
Horizontal system Mode CH1, CH2, CH1±CH2, CH1×CH2, CH1/CH2, FFT
Sampling Rate 500 MS/s ~ 1GS/s
50 GS/s
Equivalent sampling rate Sin (x)/x
Waveform interpolation ≥4 kB/CH, expandable to 256 MB or 512 MB
Record length Primary sweep, primary sweep + delay expansion
sweep and X-Y / 1-2-5
Horizontal working mode
Timebase range
50 s/div~10 ns/div
Timebase accuracy ±100 ppm
X-Y X (CH1) frequency bandwidth : DC ~ full bandwidth (-3dB)
Phase potential difference :≤3° when 5 MHz
CH1, CH2, EXT, city electricity
Trigger Trigger source
Trigger sensitivity
inner:≥1div (frequency upper limit is 40 MHz)
≥2 div (frequency is more than 40 MHz)
≥2 div, ΔV, ΔT, 1/ΔT
out :≥100mVp-p frequency upper limit is 40 MHz
≥200 mVp-p frequency is more than 40 MHz
≥200 mVp-p, TV-V, TV-H video trigger
100 Hz~100 MHz square signal
Auto trigger range Int. trigger:±4 div / Ext. trigger:±1.6 V
Trigger level range Edge trigger : Rise along, drop along
Trigger mode Impulse trigger : More than, equal to and less than setting pulse width
Video trigger : TV-V, TV-H
Slope trigger: more than, equal to and less than setting time
ΔV, ΔT, 1/ΔT
Cursors Measurement
Auto measure
Voltage parameter :
Max, Min, peak-peak value, top value,
bottom value, amplitude value,
root-mean-square value, average value,
overshot, pre-shot, damp.
Time parameter:
cycle, frequency, rising time, fall time,
positive pulse width, negative pulse width,
positive ratio, negative ratio, delay 1-2, delay1-2
General Display 5.7 inch color LCD display
Display screen 320 pixel (horizontal)× 234 pixel (vertical)
Display type dot, vector
Display mode Normal, Flat, Average, Peak value, Afterglow
Output interface USB, RS232, J45 Ethernet interface(Optional)
Storage Setting / Waveform storage : 10 groups
Power supply AC 100 V~240 V ±10% / 45 Hz~44 0H / about 25 W
Temperature Working: 00°C~+400°C / Storage : -40°C~+600°C
Humidity Working : 40°C / (20~90)% RH / Storage : 50°C / 90% RH, 24h
Size/ Weight 300 mm × 150 mm × 130 mm / 2.5 Kg (net weight)
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
DS-1100 UniSource DS-1100 100 MHz, 2 Ch, Digital Storage Oscilloscope  Discontinued
See: 2542C
Optional Configurations
DS-1065 UniSource DS-1065 60 MHz, 2 Ch, Digital Storage Oscilloscope  Discontinued
See: 2540C
DS-1200 UniSource DS-1200 200 MHz, 2 Ch, 1GS/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope  Discontinued
See: 2544C
Included Accessories
  • 1- Instruction Manual