UniSource MDA-8086
16-Bit Microprocessor Trainer

  • Program Debugging Function by PC
  • Program Download and Trace Function
  • Display to Register Contents
  • Memory Contents Modification and Dump Function
  • Various Command Function
  • Included with Step Motor Interface Circuit
  • Dot Matrix Experiment
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 16 x 2 Line Experiment
  • D/A and A/D Converter Experiment
  • Sound Experiment by Speaker
  • Interrupt Experiment
  • A/D Converter Experiment by Thermistor
  • D/A Converter Experiment by Level Meter
  • Keyboard Experiment
  • External Interface Connector
  • LED Display of Current System Bus Status
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Product Information
Datasheet 235 KB
PDF Help
CPU 8086
Main Ram 64 KB (62256 x 2)
Monitor ROM 64 KB (27C256 x 2)
Display Unit LCD (16 x 2 Line)
I/O Port 8255A
Serial Port RS-232C (8251A x 1)
System Clock 4.9152 MHz
Clock Generator 8284
Interrupt Controller 8259
Level Meter 10 Step
DOT Matrix 8 x 8 (3 Color)
Operation System Software 8086 Assembler
Keyboard 16 Key of Data, 10 Key of Function
System Bus Indicator LED (3Ø) x 12
Expansion Connector System Bus 62pin x 1
External Interface 20pib x 1
Step Motor Interface Driver T.R x 4
A/D, D/A Converter ADC: ADC 0804
DAC: DAC 0800
Power 110V/220V
Board Size (mm) 310 x 265
Wood Case (mm) 100(H)x 300(D) x 430(W)±10(mm)
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MDA8086WIN UniSource MDA-8086WIN: Same as MDA-8086, for Windows Software Discontinued
MDA8086 UniSource MDA-8086, 16-Bit Processor 8086 Board Discontinued


Note: Any internal options must be ordered along with the main unit at time of purchase.
MDA001 Unisource MDA-001 I/O Control Board Discontinued
MDA0011  Unisource MDA-001-1 I/I Simulation Board Discontinued
MDA002 Unisource MDA-002 Voltage Control Board Discontinued
MDA003 Unisource MDA-003 LED Sign Board Discontinued
MDA0041  Unisource MDA-004-1 DOT Matrix Sign Board Discontinued
MDA0042  Unisource MDA-004-2 DOT Matrix Sign Board Discontinued
MDA005  Unisource MDA-004-2 DOT Matrix Sign Board Discontinued
MDA006  Unisource MDA-006 D.C Position Control Discontinued
MDA007  Unisource MDA-007 Elevator Control Discontinued
MDA012 Unisource MDA-012 Stepping Motor Unit Discontinued
MDA013 Unisource MDA-013 Relay Trainer Discontinued
MDA024  Unisource MDA-024 A/D Converter Trainer Discontinued
MDA025  Unisource MDA-025 D/A Converter Trainer Discontinued
MDA026  Unisource MDA-026 Traffic Light Control Trainer Discontinued