Unisource DFG1010
10 MHz DDS Function Generator

w/ DDS, 32 waveforms, 2-Channel, 3.5-inch TFT LCD display

See: AFG1010

  • Max. output frequency: 10 MHz
  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD display
  • Direct Digital Synthesis technology (DDS)
  • Sampling rate 180Msa/s, vertical resolution 10 bit
  • 32 Standard or built in waveforms
  • 40 sets panel setting save & recall
  • Min. 1mV (50) waveform output with good stability
  • 0.1% pulse duty cycle resolution
  • FM, FSK, ASK, and PSK modulations
  • Over voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse voltage protection
  • Numeric keyboard and rotary dial for data input
  • SMT technology production, high reliability
  • 100 MHz frequency counter
  • RS232 interface
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Product Information
Datasheet 137 KB PDF Datasheet
Manual 634 KB PDF Manual
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Function Description
Waveform (Output A)
Waveform types Sine, Square, Pulse, DC
Waveform length 4 ~ 16000 points
Vertical resolution 10 bits
Sampling rate 180 MSa/s
Harmonic distortion ≥50dBc (<1MHz), ≥40dBc (1MHz ~ 20MHz), ≥30dBc(20MHz ~ 40MHz)
Sine total distortion ≤0.5% (20Hz ~ 200kHz)
Square Rise/fall edge time: ≤ 20ns, Overshoot: ≤10%
Square wave duty cycle 0.1% ~ 99.99%
Frequency (Output A)
Frequency range 40mHz ~ Max.frequency, resolution 40mHz
40uHz ~ 1KHz, resolution 40uHz
Square wave range 40uHz ~ 20MHz
Amplitude (Output A)
Amplitude range 2mVpp ~ 20Vpp, 40mHz ~ 10MHz (high impedance)
2mVpp ~ 10Vpp, 10MHz ~ 40MHz (high impedance)
2mVpp ~ 4Vpp, 40MHz ~ 60MHz (high impedance)
Resolution 20mVpp (amplitude > 2V), 2mVpp (amplitude > 2V)
Accuracy ± (1% + 2mVrms) (high impedance, RMS, frequency 1kHz)
Stability ±0.5% / 3 hours
Flatness ±5% (frequency of 1MHz or below), ±10% (frequency of 1MHz ~ 10MHz); ±20% (frequency of 10MHz ~ 60MHz)
Output impedance 50Ω
Offset (Output A)
Offset range ±10V (high impedance)
Resolution 20mV
Accuracy ±(1% + 20mV)
Sweep (Output A)
Type Linear sweep (frequency or amplitude)
Sweep range Free to set starting point and endpoint
Sweep step Higher than any figure of there solution
Sweep rate 10 ms ~ 60ms/step
Sweep mode Linear, Log Up or Log Down, Single
Frequency Modulation (FM) (Output A)
Modulating signal Internal or External waveforms
Modulation deviation  0% ~ 20%
Amplitude Modulation (AM) (Output A)
Modulating signal Internal or External waveforms
Modulation deviation  0% ~ 120%
FSK, ASK, PSK(Output A)
FSK Free to set carrier waveform frequency and hopping frequency
ASK Free to set carrier wave form amplitude and hopping amplitude
PSK Hopping phase: 0 ~ 360°, Max. resolution: 11.25°
Alternative rate 10ms ~ 60s
Burst General Output B signal issued as a BURST output signal.
Output B
frequency range
40uHz ~ 1MHz
BURST frequency 30mHz ~ 50kHz
BURST count 1 ~ 65000 cycles
BURST mode Internal, External, Single
TTL output
Waveform characteristics Square wave, rise/fall time ≤20ns
Frequency characteristics 40mHz ~ 1MHz same as CHA
Amplitude characteristics TTL and CMOS compatible, low <0.3V, high> 4V
Frequency Counter
Frequency range 1Hz ~ 100MHz
Input signal amplitude 100mVpp ~ 20Vpp
General Specifications
Power Source 110V/220VAC, (1±10%), 50Hz (1±5%)
Power Consumption, Display < 30V, TFT LCD
Environmental Temperature: 0~40°C
humidity: < 80%
Dimension 14.4" x 10.2" x 4.3",
Weight 6.6lbs
Ordering Information
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DFG-1010 Unisource DFG-1010 10 MHz DDS Function Generator w/ DDS, 32 waveforms, 2-Ch, 3.5-inch TFT LCD Discontinued
See: AFG1010
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Q9 Test Lead
  • 1 - Q9 BNC-Clip Test Lead
  • 1 - RS-232 Cable
  • 1 - RS-232 Software CD
  • 1 - Operation manual