UniSource MDA-WIN-196
Windows Emulation 80C196KC (16Bit) Trainer

  • STUDIO-196 Program
  • Program start address : 2080H (Reset vector)
  • Support 4 serial ports. (COM1, COM2, KEY1, KEY2)
  • Various I/O and interrupt experiments
  • Extended Units (D/A converter, A/D converter, DC motor,
    Step motor, Dot Matrix, Relay and Bread board)
  • Application board experiment using the SFR or the External connector
  • Graphic LCD display (128X64 dots)
  • Display CPU status on LED
  • EEPROM 28C256 Read, Write, Verify, and Erase
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UniSource MDA-WIN-196
Product Information
Datasheet 667 KB
PDF Help
PC Operation Program STUDIO-196(Windows platform)
Micro-Controller 80C196KC
Main RAM 128KBytes (681000 × 1)
Monitor ROM 32KBytes (27256 × 1)
Decoder PLD 1016E × 1 each
Display Unit Graphic LCD (128 × 64 Dots)
I/O Experiments Toggle switch, Push switch, LED
Serial Port Experiments DIP switch, Level meter
Frequency Experiments NE555 and volume resister 50㏀
Serial port RS-232C × 4 ports
Software MA196 Assembler, C-Compiler (for Education)
Extended Connecter 44 pins, 32 pins
Extended Unit A/D Converter Unit
D/A Converter Unit
D.C. Motor Unit
Step Motor Unit
Dot Matrix Unit
Relay Unit
Bread Board Unit
ONE-CHIP Programmer TexTool 28pins TEXTOOL × 1 each
ONE-CHIP TEST Unit Bread Board
Reset switch
Textool (28pins)
OSC (20MHz)
LED Display
Toggle and Push switch
Power Input : A.C 85 ~ 264V
Output : D.C +5V (3A), +12V (1A), -12V (500mA)
Case Dimensions 81(H) × 300(D) × 476(W)mm
Ordering Information
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MDAWIN196 Unisource MDA-WIN-196 Windows Emulation 80C196KC (16Bit) Trainer Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (1) User's Guide
  • (1) WinIDE Studio-196 Software CD
  • (1) RS-232C cable (9pin)