UEi KM9106P Quintox
Industrial Combustion System Analyzer

  • Measures O2 and CO (0 to 10,000 ppm)
  • Calculates efficiency, net stack temperature, CO2 and losses
  • Integral printer
  • 15' handset cable & 15' probe hose with 1,000 °F, 12 inch probe shaft
  • Nearly 2000 test memory slots
  • Rugged, lockable case
  • AC power back
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Product Information
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The KM9106/P analyzer measures combustion efficiency and emissions from any industrial, commercial or residential heating appliance. It can be configured to measure emissions from engine exhaust, providing the complete information required by your air regulatory authority. The KM9106/P is easy to operate. It also features an integral printer, easily changeable particle and SO2 filters, and rechargeable battery with AC power pack. The standard unit is upgradeable to meet the needs demanding professional environments.
Specification KM9106P
Function Resolution Accuracy Range
Temperature Measurement 0.1° C/ F ±1°F/C, ±0.3% of rdg 32° - 2140°F*
Gas Measurement Oxygen
2 year warranty
0.1% - 0.1%/+ 0.2% 0 - 25%
Carbon Monoxide
Hydrogen compensated
1 ppm ± 20 ppm <400 ppm
±5% of rdg <2000 ppm
± 10% of rdg >2000 ppm
±0.01”wg (±0.03mBar)
Carbon Dioxide
0.1% ± 0.20% 0 - fuel value
Nitric Oxide
Nitrogen Dioxide
Sulphur Dioxide
1 ppm ±5 ppm <100 ppm
±5% of rdg >100 ppm
According to sensor
Hydrocarbons 0.01% <1%: ±0.05%
>1%: ±5% of reading
±0.01”wg (±0.03mBar)
Pressure (draft) 0.01 mbar/in WG ±0.05% full scale
Preprogrammed Fuels Natural Gas, Butane, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Coal, Coke, Propane, Anthracite. LP Gas, Town Gas, Natural Gas2, Gas Core, and 2 user defined fuels.
*Use high temperature probe over 1,112°F
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
KM9106/P UEI KM9106P Industrial Combustion Analyzer, QUINTOX Upgradable  Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Filter bypass
  • 1 - CO sensor module KMCO1/Q
  • 1 - Flue probe assembly
  • 1 - AC adapter/charger
  • 1 - O2 sensor OS11
  • 1 - Replacement particle filter
  • 1 - Sulfur Filter SF1
  • 1 - Water trap WTS9106
  • 1 - Water trap filter WN8
  • 1 - Case
  • 1 - 1 Year Limited Warranty
Optional Accessories
AF9 UEi AF9 Replacement Particle Filter  Buy Now Sale $16.69
(Reg. $19.52)
KM6CO1/Q UEi KM6CO1/Q High Range Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor for Quintox Analyzer  Buy Now Sale $520.14
(Reg. $722.42)
KM9106HPUR/Q UEi KM9106HPUR/Q High CO Purge Module for QUINTOX  Buy Now Sale $441.40
(Reg. $604.66)
KMNO1/Q UEi KMN01/Q Industrial Gas Analyzer NO Sensor Module  Discontinued
KMNO2/Q UEi KMN02/Q Industrial Gas Analyzer NO2 Sensor Module  Discontinued
KMSO2/Q UEi KMS02/Q Industrial Gas Analyzer SO2 Sensor Module  Buy Now Sale $530.80
(Reg. $727.13)
KMPS2/Q UEi KMPS2/Q Industrial Gas Analyzer Pressure Sensor Module, 2 PSI/150 mbar  Discontinued
RE10LG UEi RE10LG 30' Handset Extension Cables for Industrial Gas Analyzers  Discontinued
RE20LG UEi RE20LG 60' Remote Handset Lead for Industrial Gas Analyzers  Discontinued
SF1 UEi SF1 Sulfur Filter   Buy Now Sale $33.14
(Reg. $41.95)
WTS9106P UEi WTS9106 Water Trap Assembly with Auto Purge for Industrial Gas Analyzer  Buy Now
Replacement Parts/Supplies
15588 UEi 15588 Flue Probe with 36" Shaft Extension  Buy Now Sale $255.26
(Reg. $344.95)
15589 UEi 15589 Flue Probe with 12" Shaft Extension  Buy Now Sale $314.96
(Reg. $419.95)
DP12 UEi DP12 Replacement Printer Rolls and Ribbon Cartridge Bundle  Buy Now Sale $60.79
(Reg. $78.95)
SP9 UEi SP9 Smoke Level Reference Chart  Buy Now Sale $21.02
(Reg. $26.95)
16345 UEi 16345 Replacement Particle Filter for Industrial Analyzers  Buy Now Sale $14.36
(Reg. $15.95)
7211 UEi 7211 Replacement Battery for the KM9106/P Industrial Gas Analyzer, Rechargeable, 12 V, 3 Ah  Buy Now Sale $92.68
(Reg. $121.95)
KMCU110 UEi KMCU110 AC Adapter Charger for Quintox, 110V  Buy Now Sale $99.38
(Reg. $130.76)
KMCU220 UEi KMCU220 AC Adapter Charger for Quintox, 220V  Discontinued
WTS9106 UEi WTS9106 Water Trap for Industrial Gas Analyzer  Buy Now
WN8 UEi WN8 Water Trap Filter Replacement, Bagged  Buy Now Sale $21.29
(Reg. $26.95)
WN9 UEi WN9 Water Trap Filter Replacement, Plastic  Buy Now Sale $22.08
(Reg. $27.95)
SF9 UEi SF9 In-Line Sulfur Filter  Buy Now Sale $18.86
(Reg. $20.95)
FB1 UEi FB1 Chemical Bypass Filter for Quintox Industrial Analyzer  Buy Now Sale $12.93
(Reg. $14.37)
OS11 UEi OS11 Industrial Gas Analyzer O2 Sensor Module  Buy Now Sale $189.96
(Reg. $249.95)
RE5LG UEi RE5LG 15' Handset Extension Cables for Industrial Gas Analyzers  Discontinued
KMFG1 UEi KMFG1 Fireworks Graphing Software for Industrial Analyzers Discontinued
See: KM940CO