CO2, O2, and Temperature Combustion Meter
See: C30UEI

  • Measures: CO, CO2, Temperature
  • Calculates: O2, Excess Air, Efficiency
  • Real Time Analysis
  • EOS Technology Sensor Direct CO2 Measurements No Sensor Replacement 10 Year Life Expectancy
  • Direct CO Measurements
  • Pre-Programmed Fuels: Light Oil, Propane, Natural gas, Heavy Oil, and Wood
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
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Product Information
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The UEi SmartBell PLUS combustion meter gives a quick, continuous readout of the combustion process. Readings change in real-time as adjustments are made to help zero in on the proper setting. Compare this to spot tests or other methods, and you will see your productivity rise. Proper testing will help you provide the proper service or equipment replacement recommendations, and have the data to support this. The C20 is can measure CO, CO2, temperature levels, and can calculate O2 levels, excess air, and efficiency.

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SMARTBELLPLUS UEi SMARTBELLPLUS CO2, O2, and Temperature Combustion Meter Discontinued
See: C30UEI
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - KMCP70 Flue Probe
  • 1 - SBOOT Protective Boot w/Magnet
  • 1 - AC73 Soft Carrying Case
  • 1 - User's Manual
Optional Accessories
AC73 UEI AC73 Carrying Case, Soft Buy Now Sale $28.66
(Reg. $34.95)
KMCP70 UEi KMCP70 Flue Probe for SMARTBELL Combustion Meters Buy Now Sale $114.85
(Reg. $147.24)
SBOOT UEi SBOOT Protective Magnetic Boot Cover Discontinued