UEi C155
Eagle 2X Extended Life Combustion System Analyzer

  • Measures: Differential flue temperature, Carbon Dioxide, flue and ambient carbon monoxide and Differential Pressure
  • Calculates: oxygen, gross/net efficiency, excess air, and CO air free
  • Worklight
  • 4 line backlit LCD display
  • Unique DMM style rotary selector
  • Protective boot w/integral magnet
  • Real time clock
  • 179 memory positions
  • CO readings to 1 ppm
  • Large 4 line back-lit display
  • Infrared printer port
  • User programmable header
  • User customizable parameters view
  • Individual report printouts
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Product Information
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The newly redesigned Eagle 2X Combustion System Analyzer eliminates the number one hassle for combustion contractors; the annual replacement and calibration of the O2 sensor. By replacing the electro chemical O2 sensor with the EOS Technology™ CO2 sensor, the EAGLE 2X now takes direct CO2 measurements and calculates the O2 level. This lowers the cost of ownership by doing away with the annual replacements of the O2 sensor and reducing calibration drifting typically found with standard electro-chemical sensors. The EOS Technology sensor is warranted for 5 years and has an unmatched industry-leading life expectancy of 10 years!
Specification C155
Temp Measurement
Flue Temp Range 20 ~ 2400°F / -29 ~ 1315°C
Inlet Temp (robe-T2) 20 ~ 2400°F / -29 ~ 1315°C
Inlet Temp Range (Ambient) 32 ~ 112°F / 0 ~ 50°C
Net Temp (ÆT)** 20 ~ 2400°F / -29 ~ 1315°C
Resolution 0.1°F/°C
Flue (T1, Inlet T2, and ÆT) Accuracy ±[0.3% rdg +3.6°F(2°C)]
Inlet Temp Accuracy ±[0.3% rdg +1.8°F(1°C)]
Gas Measurement
Oxygen 0 ~ 21%
O2 Resolution/Accuracy 0.1% / ±0.3%
Carbon Monoxide 0~2000 ppm (4000 max 15 min)*
CO Resolution/Accuracy 1 ppm / ±10 ppm <100ppm, ±5% rdg >100ppm
Carbon Dioxide 0 ~ 20%*
CO2 Resolution/Accuracy 1.0%/±0.2%
Efficiency** 0 ~ 99.9%
Efficiency Resolution/Accuracy 0.1%/±3%
Excess Air** 0 ~ 250%
Excess Air Resolution/Accuracy 0.1%/±3% reading
CO/CO2 ratio** 0~0.999
CO/CO2 resolution/accuracy 0.001 / ± 5% rdg
  Range: Accuracy
±0.08” wc (±0.2mBar) 2±0.002” wc (±0.005mBar)
±0.4” wc (±1mBar) ±0.01” wc (±0.03mBar)
±32” wc (±80mBar) ±3% rdg
  Resolution 0.001” wc < 9.999” wc
0.01” wc >10.00” wc
0.001mBar <24.999mBar
0.01mBar > 25 mBar
Pre-Programmed Fuels
Natural Gas, Propane, Heavy Oil, Light Oil, Bio Fuel, Wood
* Measured at STP (standard temperature and pressure)
** Calculated value
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
C155 UEI C155 Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer, Extended Life  Buy Now Sale $1,025.96
(Reg. $1,424.95)
C155KIT UEI C155KIT Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer Kit, Extended Life  Buy Now Sale $1,195.16
(Reg. $1,659.95)
C155OILKIT UEI C155OILKIT Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer Oil Service Kit, Extended Life  Buy Now Sale $1,267.16
(Reg. $1,759.95)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Flue Probe KMCP2
  • 1 - Particle Filter 17631
  • 1 - Inlet Tube/ Probe Connector SM11103
  • 1 - Carrying Case
  • 1 - Manual
  • 1 - 5 Year Limited Warranty including sensor
Optional Accessories
AACA4 UEI AACA4 Adapter, AC 9V 700mA  Buy Now Sale $21.29
(Reg. $26.95)
ATT100 UEI ATT100 Temp Probe, K-Type Liquid 6"  Buy Now Sale $17.90
(Reg. $22.95)
CALKIT UEi CALKIT Field Sensor Calibration Kit for the Eagle Combustion Analyzers  Buy Now Sale $279.68
(Reg. $377.95)
D460 UEi D460 Draft Velocity Gauge with Probes and Carrying Case, .005-1.0" w.c.,260-4000 FPM  Buy Now $69.95
EABT UEi EABT Eagle and Eagle X BlueTooth Upgrade Module  Discontinued
EAKIT UEi EAKIT Eagle II/III Accessory Kit  Buy Now Sale $35.51
(Reg. $44.95)
EARS232 UEi EARS232 RS232 Connection Cable for Eagle Testers  Discontinued
KMIRP2 UEI KMIRP2 Printer Infrared  Buy Now
SPT1 UEi SPT1 Smoke Pump Tester Kit  Buy Now Sale $97.24
(Reg. $127.95)
Replacement Parts/Supplies
KMCP2 UEI KMCP2 Flue Probe,for Eagle Series  Buy Now Sale $146.69
(Reg. $190.50)
13124 UEi 13124 Compression Ferrule for Eagle Series, CO91, SmartBell  Buy Now Sale $8.96
(Reg. $9.95)
16646 UEi 16646 Replacement Thermal Paper Rolls  Buy Now Sale $8.30
(Reg. $9.22)
SP9 UEi SP9 Smoke Level Reference Chart  Buy Now Sale $21.02
(Reg. $26.95)
17631PACK UEI 17631PACK Particle Filter, 10 PACK Discontinued
See: 17631
17631PACK UEi 17631PACK Replacement Particle Filter 10-Pack  Buy Now Sale $61.56
(Reg. $79.95)
SM11103 UEi SM11103 Inlet Tube Probe Connector  Buy Now Sale $4.04
(Reg. $5.61)
SM1182/7 UEi SM1182/7 Water Trap for Combustion Analyzers  Buy Now Sale $21.59
(Reg. $28.79)
CM11667/2 UEi CM11667/2 Water Trap Drain Plug  Buy Now Sale $5.36
(Reg. $5.95)
CM11667/2 PACK UEi CM11667/2 PACK Water Trap Drain Plug 10-Pack  Buy Now Sale $25.24
(Reg. $31.95)
ATT29 UEI ATT29 Temp Probe, K-Type Standard  Buy Now Sale $17.90
(Reg. $22.95)
17662 UEi 17662 O2 Sensor Module for Eagle Combustion Analyzers  Discontinued