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TV One 1T-C2-150
RGB/YPbPr Down Converter Plus
with Key mode, Mix mode & PIP mode

  • Automatic incoming resolution detection
  • Computer Input via HD-15 with Loop-thru
  • Computer Resolutions to 2048x2048
  • HDTV Resolutions to 1080p
  • AutoSet® - Automatic picture sizing
  • Multiple Worldwide Television Standards
  • 2x Composite and 2x S-Video Outputs
  • RS-232 Interface and Windows Control Panel
  • IR Remote Control
  • Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10%
  • Optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kit
  • Genlock with Subcarrier Phase Adjustment
  • Chromakey and Lumakey
  • Mix and PIP
  • Composite and S-Video Input
Click here for a larger image - TV One 1T-C2-150 RGB/YPbPr Down ConverterClick here for a larger image - TV One 1T-C2-150 RGB/YPbPr Down Converter
TVOne 1T-C2-150

Product Information
Datasheet 166 KB PDF
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The TV One 1T-C2-150 Down Converter is based on TV One’s exclusive CORIO2™ technology and provides high quality scan conversion from Computer or HDTV signals to standard video formats in a compact package. It handles any computer resolution up to 2048x2048 at any vertical refresh rate and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. In order to deal with PC, Mac and most Computer Workstation signals, a wide variety of computer signal formats can be accommodated. Video outputs are switchable between NTSC and PAL and are simultaneously provided in Composite and S-Video. A PC loop-thru is also provided.

Using TV One's exclusive AutoSet® feature takes the hassle out of setup by automatically sizing and positioning the computer image to fit exactly on the video screen. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained even when power is switched off. All the functions can be controlled via the front panel Push Buttons, an Infrared Control Remote Unit or via an RS-232 connection. A Windows Control Panel is provided and most third party control systems interface directly with the entire C2 range of products. An On-Screen Display is available to assist in setup.

Variable Zoom to 10X allows you to enlarge any part of the computer screen to fill the entire video screen and position controls allow you to move around to any area desired. Variable Shrink to as little as 10% allows fitting the image onto most displays. The advanced Digital Flicker Elimination circuitry and high sampling rate insures crisp, clear images, while full bandwidth chroma sampling insures faithfully reproduced, high resolution colors. The TVOne 1T-C2-150 is housed in a compact desktop case and a single/dual rackmount kit is available as an option
Computer Input
Type Resolution
Signal Type - Analog RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YPbPr
Sync TTL Level, 10KΩ, Pos or Neg
Termination Auto-terminating into 75Ω
R-G-B Level Range 0.5-2.0 Vp-p 
Scan Rate Detection Automatic
PC Resolutions Any up to 2048x2048
HDTV Resolutions Any up to 1080p
Vertical Refresh Rate Any to 250Hz
Max Horiz Scan Rate 150KHz 
Computer Compatibility PC, Macintosh, Workstations
Video Outputs
Television Standards NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM
Impedance 75Ω
Format Type Cable Type
Computer Loop-thru Input/ Output 1x HD-15 Female with Loop-thru
Composite Video Input/ Output 2x via BNC
S-Video (Y/C) Input/ Output 2x via 4-PIN
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
1T-C2-150 TV One 1T-C2-150 RGB/YPbPr to Video Down Converter with CORIO2 Technology, plus Key, Mix Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Operations Manual
  • 1 - C-Video Cable
  • 1 - VGA Cable
  • 1 - Serial Cable
  • 1 - IR Remote
  • 1 - In-Plug Power Supply
Optional Accessories
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