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TV One CC-300
CORIO Console Hardware Control Panel

  • Production Switcher Look and Feel
  • Interfaces to all TV One C2-3000/4000/5000/7000 Series Products
  • Full Control of al Functions
  • One Unit Can Control Multiple C2 Products
  • Precision Fader and Joystick
  • Integrated LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Most Menu Items One or Two Levels Down
  • Dedicated Program and Preview Buttons
  • IP and RS-232 Interface
  • Automatic polling to Identify Connected Devices
  • Low Profile Enclosure – Rack mountable
  • Direct Interface to Calypso Machine Controllers
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TVOne C2-300 Shown

Product Information
Datasheet 269 KB PDF
Manual 1.06 MB PDF
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The TV One CC-300 CORIO Console Hardware Control Panel provides a Video Production Switcher type interface for the C2 series Universal Video Processors. Two rows of 14 buttons are provided for Preview and Program functionality of mixed format sources. These buttons are programmable (via the C2 unit attached), to accommodate more than 11 inputs. Fades and wipes are either automatic with preset times or manually controlled via the fader bar. The joystick employs full range of motion to allow precise positioning of PIP inserts and other functions. The Integrated LCD touch screen, plus fixed purpose function keys combine with "soft" function keys to provide total control over multiple TV-OneC2 series units. The TVOne CC-300 provides access to all controls with a minimum of keystrokes. The unit is in a low profile desk top case that may also be rack mounted. Control of external devices is available via the unit's direct interface to machine control products made by Calypso Control Systems.
TV One CC-300 CORIO Console Control Panel Specifications
Input Selection/Manipulation
Program/Preview Buttons 2x14 inputs; Pgm, Prev, Take
Manual Fade/Wipe Via Precision Fader
Manual Image Positioning Via Precision Joystick
Mode/Function Selection
Dedicated Function Keys 21 (Mode & Cross Functional)
"Soft" Function Keys 14 (Variable Functions)
Shift Keys  2 (Function Multiplier)
Integrated Display Touch Screen LCD 6.5"x3.1"
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
CC-300 TV One CC-300 CORIO Console hardware control panel for all CORIO2 products  Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Power Adapter
  • 1 - Operations Manual