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Triplett 3067

Model 310-TEL Handheld Analog Volt-Ohm Meter for Telco Applications with 16 Ranges

Brand: Triplett
Model No: 3067
Our Model No: 3067
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Ideal for telco service applications
  • Quickly and accurately measures voltage, resistance, and current
  • Includes 16 ranges and functions
  • Polarity Reversing Switch conveniently reverses test lead connections
  • Offers diode overload protection
  • RX1 range protected by fuse
  • Single selector switch for easily switching from range to range and function to function
  • Constructed with drop resistant, high-impact case
  • AC/DC voltage to 300V
  • DC current to 600 mA
  • Resistance to 20 Megaohms

The Triplett 3067 Model 310-TEL Handheld Analog Volt-Ohm Meter L is a handheld VOM with all the versatility and performance of larger, more expensive bench-size models. It offers diode overload protection against damage to the meter movement caused by accidental overloads. A fuse is used to protect the RX1 range. The fuse and batteries can be easily replaced by removing the back cover.

Small enough to be carried in your tool box, glove compartment, brief case, or shirt pocket, the Model 310-TEL allows you to have 20,000 ohms per volt DC and 5,000 ohms per volt AC sensitivity wherever you need it.

A convenient Polarity Reversing Switch electrically reverses the test lead connections, correcting accidental downscale readings and permitting "capacitive kick" readings on the Ohmeter ranges.

Versatility and readability have not been sacrificed in order to provide a portable VOM. The Model 310-TEL offers 16 different ranges that can be easily read on only 3 clearly defined scale areas. A single selector switch allows you to switch easily from range to range and function to function.

  • 1 - Model 310-TEL Volt-Ohm Meter (3067)
  • 1 - Set of Test Leads with Screw-On Alligator Clips (79-153)
  • 1 - 1.5V Battery
  • 1 - 12V Battery
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
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79-153 Triplett 79-153 42 in. Test Lead Set with Mini-Banana Jacks & Insulated Screw-On Alligator Clips Add to Cart


TRI-79-206 Triplett 79-206 48 in. Test Leads with Alligator Clips (No Probes) Add to Cart


79-695 Triplett 79-695 Test Leads with Pin Cushion Clips for Model 310 & 310-C Volt-Ohm Meters Add to Cart


37-60 Triplett 37-60 12V Eveready A23 Battery Add to Cart
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