Trilithic RSVP2
Reverse Path Tester


  • Communicates with the Guardian 9581 SST Reverse Path Analyzer in the hub or headend
  • Tests the Return Path From Subscriber's Terminal to Headend
  • Test subscribers House Cabling for Ingress Potential
  • Pass/Fail and Data Readouts
  • Small, Lightweight and Simple to Use
  • Eliminates callback truck rolls by ensuring installation quality on the first visit

The Guardian RSVP2™ ensures return quality where it is most critical -- the subscriber installation. Most return path problems begin in the subscriber’s home. Errors in installation, defective cabling, or incorrectly installed or loose hardware can all disrupt return path communications or allow ingress to enter the cable system. The RSVP2 tests the key return parameters that verify the installation is error-free and ready for the demands of VOD, VoIP and HSD return services.


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Product Information
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Manual 280 KB

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RSVP2 Discontinued
See: RSVP2-50 and

Included Accessories

  • 1 - 50 -53.75 and 70 - 75.75 MHz Telemetry Unit
  • 1 - Cloth Padded Carrying Case
  • 1 - Charge Cube
  • 1 - Instruction Manual


Optional Accessories

RSVP2 BATTERY Trilithic RSVP2 BATTERY NiCAD Battery for the RSVP2 Buy  Now $21.18
RSVP2 CHARGER Trilithic RSVP2 CHARGER Power Adaptor & Charger for the RSVP2, AC/DC , Fast charging Buy  Now $10.59
CONFIGR Trilithic CONFIGR ConfigR Configuration Software for the RSVP2 Buy  Now $62.47
I/O-6 Trilithic I/O-6 PC Data Cable for RSVP2 Buy  Now $15.88
CC-15 Trilithic CC-15 Carrying Bag with Padded Cloth and Belt Loop for RSVP2 Buy  Now $30.71
CL-6 Trilithic CL6 Fast Charging Car Adaptor for the Model Two & Model Three Buy  Now $65.65