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Transmation TCAT23300P Series
Digital Pressure Gauge

  • Built for harsh process environments
  • Selectable units: psi, KPa, Bar, mBar, mm Hg,inches Hg, mm H2O, inches H2O, kgF/cm2
  • Front panel keys for fast, easy use
  • Powered by long-life 9V alkaline batteries
  • Min/Max recording feature built-in
  • Stainless steel isolated sensor
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Transmation  TCAT23300P Shown
Product Information
Datasheet 414 KB PDF
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The Transmation 23300P Digital Pressure Gauge is a precision electronic instrument designed to accurately and reliably measure and display pressure in all popular engineering units.

The Transmation 23300P Digital Pressure Gauge was engineered for the real world. The 300 Series stainless steel body is designed to survive harsh process environments. An isolated sensor ensures reliable operation with any gas or liquid compatible with 17-4 PH stainless steel. A 1/4” NPT fitting allows simple installation to all common process connections. The rotatable front panel always displays correctly, regardless of gauge orientation. Easily replaceable 9V alkaline batteries provide extended service life with minimal downtime.

Selectable engineering units eliminate the need to purchase a variety of gauges. Five front panel keys provide fast, simple operation and calibration. Pressure values are displayed on a four-digit LCD located on the front of the gauge. The full-function display automatically indicates the pressure mode, pressure units, and error conditions(low battery or overrange).
Accuracy ±0.25% of span
Maximum Pressure 2 times full scale or 15,000 psi, whichever is smaller
Operating Temperature -1°C to 71°C (30°F to 160°F)
Media Compatibility Any gas or liquid compatible with17-4 PH stainless steel
Engineering Units psi, KPa, Bar, mBar, kgF/cm2, mmHg, inches Hg, mm H2O, inches H2O
Display 4-digit LCD with status indicators
Pressure Connection 1/4” NPT male fitting
Power Two 9V alkaline batteries
Battery Life 450 powered hours, typical
Range and Resolution
Model Range (psi) Resolution (psi) Model Range (psi) Resolution (psi)
TCAT23300P-COM -15 to +15 0.02 TCAT23300P-500 0-500 0.1
TCAT23300P-VAC -15 to 0 0.02 TCAT23300P-750 0-750 0.1
TCAT23300P-15 0-15 0.02 TCAT23300P-1000 0-1000 1
TCAT23300P-30 0-30 0.02 TCAT23300P-1500 0-1500 1
TCAT23300P-50 0-50 0.01 TCAT23300P-2000 0-2000 1
TCAT23300P-100 0-100 0.1 TCAT23300P-3000 0-3000 1
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
TCAT23300P-100  Transmation TCAT23300P-100 Digital Pressure Gauge 0 To 100 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-1000  Transmation TCAT23300P-1000 Digital Pressure Gauge 0 To 1000 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-10K  Transmation TCAT23300P-10K Gauge 0 To 9999 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-15  Transmation TCAT23300P-15 Gauge 0 To 15 Psi  Discontinued
TCAT23300P-1500  Transmation TCAT23300P-1500 Gauge 0 To 1500 Psi  Discontinued
TCAT23300P-200  Transmation TCAT23300P-200 Gauge 0 To 200 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-2000  Transmation TCAT23300P-2000 Gauge 0 To 2000 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-30  Transmation TCAT23300P-30 Gauge 0 To 30 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-300  Transmation TCAT23300P-300 Gauge 0 To 300 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-3000  Transmation TCAT23300P-3000 Gauge 0 To 3000 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-50  Transmation TCAT23300P-50 Gauge 0 To 50 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-500  Transmation TCAT23300P-500 Gauge 0 To 500 Psi  Discontinued
TCAT23300P-5000  Transmation TCAT23300P-5000 Gauge 0 To 5000 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-750  Transmation TCAT23300P-750 Gauge 0 To 750 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-COM  Transmation TCAT23300P-COM Gauge, -15 To +15 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
TCAT23300P-VAC  Transmation TCAT23300P-VAC Gauge -15 To 0 Psi  Buy Now $1,582.79 
Included Accessories
  • 2 - 9V battery
  • 1 - Instructions