AC Snap Pack Cartridge for Calibrators

  • Snap-in Power Pack is rechargeable/replaceable in the field
  • Snap-pack instruments may be battery or line-powered
  • Long-life nickel-cadium energy source
  • Output: 5V (Nonminal)
  • Capacity: 2.2 Ampere-hours
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The SPBE-LP Snap-Pack power supply and battery cartridge system is designed to provide a quick and convenient means of recharging Transmation's family of calibrators. It allows these calibrators to be recharged with disassembly, and permits a low or discharged snap-pack cartridge to be quickly slipped out of the instrument, and a new or recharged cartridge re-inserted. The snap-pack cartridge system thus reduces instrument "downtime" to the few seconde necessary to remove an expended cartridge and "snap-in" a new or recharged one. The instrument case need not be opened; the bottom of the snap-pack cartridge constitutes the base plate of the calibrator instrument case. Cartridges are installed and removed through the action of quick-release latches.

The SPBE-LP AC Snap-Pack contains an AC-to-DC converter. This allows the cartridge to either be recharged or operate the calibrator from line power using a transmation transformer on a 6' line cord. The transformer is available for either 120 V AC or 240 V AC operation. An accessory zippered leatherette case provides protection and convenience in carrying to the job site.

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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Carrying case