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Test-Um IVT600
Tri-Porter Network Qualification and Testing Tool

  • Services Voice, Data, and Video

The Testum TriPorter is the first network installation tester that provides a full range of physical wiring tests for the fast, efficient delivery of IP-based voice, data and video services in the home or small office with one integrated tool.

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Voice Telephony Testing
Testing and verifying proper operation of each telephone outlet assures adequate signal levels for all offered services. Power-up telephone systems with the on-board dial tone simulator (SLIC) to test connected runs.
  • Advanced-function telephone butt set
  • Call analysis and discovery
  • Voltage and current readings
  • Line number discovery with captured digits
  • DTMF decode to watch dialed call numbers for accuracy
  • Call Waiting service testing
  • SLIC simulator to test lines without outside provider service
  • Speakerphone for hands-free listening to dial tone and line monitoring
  • DSL safe
  • 20-pc remote wiremapping set

Data Testing Ethernet Networks
Test newly-installed network cables on unpowered systems or check active working networks to detect any physical layer or configuration problems.

  • Configure the network, test the cables and guarantee the quality
  • Tests to TIA568 interconnect specifications and connected length; CAT5, 5E and 6
  • Port discovery—ISDN, POTS, Token Ring, Ethernet, etc.
  • Negotiates at 100 Mbit with DHCP or manual addressing
  • Ping for IP address information and configuration
  • Identify equipment on the other end of the line, showing its speed and type
  • Link speed displayed, 10/100Mbit
  • Hub blink to find connected ends in wiring closets
  • Qualify lines for VoIP service at 100Mbit speeds
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol ready
  • 20-pc remote wiremapping set

Video RF Detection and Testing
HDTV, video-on-demand, cable modems, etc., all demand superb signal quality to work correctly. Testing for physical and electronic variations will guarantee that everything works as it should.

  • Detects and measures RF service energy levels DB/Mv
  • Tests for opens and shorts
  • Displays length of each tested run
  • 20-pc remote wiremapping set
  • The unique tone signal— which travels through splitter, filters and traps to trace lines while the system is powered-up and in-use—is detectable by the Tri-Porter tracer unit


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IVT600  Test-Um IVT600 Tri-Porter Network Qualification and Testing Tool Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • Carrying case
  • 20-piece wire-mapping sets