Testo Temperature-Humidity Transmitters

  • Configurable
  • Interchangeable "Smart" digital probes (including duct version) allow easy probe replacement for calibration or service
  • Humidity accuracy of is standard for all wall, duct and cable probes
  • "On the Wall" calibration and adjustment (via data port under Service Cover) means no transmitter power-down needed
  • Ethernet Module (plug-in) for digital data management for communication with your BAS, PLC, or testo Saveris System
  • Unique Service Cover allows access to controls, key pad programming, even handy Analog Signal testo points
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Testo Temp-Humidity Transmitters Shown
Each Testo Temperature-Humidity sensor benefits from a unique combination of proprietary materials, thin film production techniques,precision assembly under controlled conditions, and rigorous quality control. Each sensor provides fast, accurate measurements over a wide RH range.

The secret to that perfromance is in the unique polymer layer of the Testo 6651 and 6681. This proprietary polymer provides the sensor's superior performance and long-term stability. It prevents sensor drift even when exposed to high humidity levels for long periods. This layer also provides protection against high temperatures, pressures, and harsh environments that would affect other sensor designs.

The polymer is then sandwiched between a porous cover electrode and base electrode, creating a sensitive multi-layer design. This advanced design is then placed on a ceramic substrate to provide structural stability.

Yet a great sensor is worth little without the advanced electronics to monitor and control it. Testo's world-class expertise in designing instrumentation comes into play here. The same advanced sensor design is engineered into all of Testo's portable, stationary, and data logging humidity instruments.
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6651 Testo 6651 Shown Testo 6651 (0555 6651) Humidity Transmitter for Critical Climate More Info >> Please Call
6681 Testo 6681 Shown Testo 6681 (0555 6681) Industrial Humidity Transmitter More Info >> Please Call