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Testo 6651

Humidity Transmitter for Critical Climate Applications

Brand: Testo
Model No: 6651
Our Model No: 6651
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • May be configured to meet individual requirements
  • Uses compatible humidity sensors to calculate and display relative humidity, absolute humidity, and dewpoint
  • Ethernet, relay and analog outputs allow for optimum integration into individual automation systems
  • Self-monitoring and early warning function ensure high system availability
  • P2A software for parameterization, adjustment and analysis
  • High-quality plastic housing and optional 2-line LCD display
  • Additional ordering options include: analog output/supply, menu language and display, cable entry, Ethernet module, humidity/temperature units for 2 channels, and relay
  • Accuracy up to +/- 1.7 %RH, depending on attached probe

Applications include:

  • Monitoring of comfortable climate conditions
  • Museums
  • Storing hygroscopic substances
  • Storing electronic components
  • Drying processes/high-humidity processes

In combination with the Testo 660x probe series, the Testo 6651 (0555 6651) Humidity Transmitter meets high climate control demands and is ideal for measurements in rooms and also ducts.

  • 1 - Temperature/Humidity Transmitter for Critical Climate Applications (6651) with selectable signal outputs, optional display, optional Ethernet module and optional relay (depending on configuration)
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0554 0166 Testo 0554 0166 Condensation Protection Cap with Drip Hole for Hygrotest PHT/HP Probes Add to Cart
Sale $128.70
0554 6020 Testo 0554 6020 P2A Software with USB Cable for Transmitters Add to Cart
Sale $191.70
0554 6651 Testo 0554 6651 Wall/Duct Holder for 6600/6610 Probes Add to Cart
Sale $40.50
0554 9913 Testo 0554 9913 Sintered PTFE Filter with 1.5mm Condensate Drip Hole Add to Cart
Sale $108.90
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (325 KB)
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