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Testo 885-2

Automatic Focus Thermal Imager with LCD Touchscreen and Site Recognition, 320 x 240 FPA

Brand: Testo
Model No: 885-2
MPN: 0563 0885 72
Our Model No: 8852
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • SiteRecognition technology allows past measurement data to be easily reviewed
  • Standard lens may be exchanged for 11 x 9 degree telephoto lens (optional, available separately)
  • Radiometric video / Sequence Imaging Capture enables detailed image analysis at timed thermic events
  • Records and plays voice commentary
  • Displays surface moisture distribution using manual input
  • Measures humidity with optional radio humidity probe
  • Large 4.3 in. rotatable and pivoting LCD touchscreen display
  • Panorama image wizard for producing large panoramic images
  • Detector resolution of 320 x 240
  • Thermal sensitivity of < 30 mK will show even minimal temperature differences
  • High temperature measurement option up to 1200 degrees C
  • Voice annotation for up to 30 seconds per image
  • Display of surface moisture distribution using manual input
  • Humidity measurement with optional radio humidity probe
  • High-quality 30 x 23 degree lens allows for wide field of view
  • Built-in digital 3.1 MP camera with powerful LEDs for illumination
  • Resolution may be raised to 640 x 480 with SuperResolution upgrade (optional, available separately)
  • Automatic and manual focus
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.1 m
  • Isotherm function
  • Solar Mode detects invisible defects of solar panel arrays
  • Video output via USB allows for immediate viewing on computer screen
  • 33 Hz image refresh rate
  • IP54 Protection class
  • Advanced report writing and image analysis with included software
  • Supplied with hard travel case and 2GB SD memory card

The Testo 885-2 (0563 0885 72) Automatic Focus Thermal Imager uses a rotating touchscreen and swivel grip that can be vital for capturing proper images. The high sensitivity 30mK and 320 x 240 resolution make this imager extremely versatile in any inspection or research program.

The 885-2 may be equipped with an optional 11 degree telephoto lens (available separately), bridging the distance making objects much easier to view. With the use of the Site Recognition barcode and database solution, ensuring that images are properly stored in the correct location has never been easier. Add to all of this the ability of Radiometric Video Capture, for detailed frame by frame post analysis and trending, the 885-2 is in a class by itself.


Reliable High Temperature Measurement

Testo thermal imagers such as the 885-2 adapt to the requirements for applications with high temperatures. With the high temperature option, the measuring range can be flexibly extended up to 1200 °C. The high-contrast presentation on the display is achieved via the high-temperature iron HT color palette or the special histogram adjustment.

Monitoring and Checking Solar Energy Systems

There are two main reasons for inspecting solar energy systems: safety and performance monitoring. Solar energy systems achieve their top performance in full sun. Testo thermal imagers such as the 885-2 can be used to monitor photovoltaic systems of all sizes in a way that is wide-ranging, contact-free and exceptionally efficient. Malfunctions are detected, the proper functioning of all components is ensured and the greatest possible efficiency is thus achieved. Additional reliability is also achieved through the ability to enter the key measurement parameter of solar radiation intensity: the value entered is stored with the thermal image and is then available for the image analysis.

Electrical Maintenance Checks

The Testo 885-2 can be used to spot overheating components in the low, medium, and high voltage systems. Thermal images help to locate parts that are either failing or exposed to imbalanced loads. Routine thermal scans are used to prevent outages and fire risks.

Testo 885-2 Thermal Imager Application Click for larger image

Reliable High Temperature Measurement

Testo 885-2 Thermal Imager Application Click for larger image

Monitoring Solar Panels

Testo 885-2 Thermal Imager Application Click for larger image

Performing Electrical Maintenance Checks

885-2 Thermal Imager Application Click for larger image

Analyzing Building Shells

Analyzing Building Shells at a Glance

The task of taking thermal images of large buildings poses several challenges for users. Spatial restrictions due to walls, roads or safety zones around neighboring buildings can make it impossible to capture the measuring object in a single image. In such cases, Testo thermal imagers such as the 885-2 help users obtain the necessary overview. The panorama image assistant can be used to combine several images of the building shell taken at close range into a single thermal image. Users can therefore identify thermal irregularities at a glance across the entire building shell with a high degree of detail.

Testo 885-2 Thermal Imager Click for larger image

Detecting Energy Loss from Buildings

Providing Comprehensive Energy Advice

In building thermography, infrared technology is particularly suited for quick and effective analysis of energy losses in buildings' heating or air conditioning systems. Due to their high temperature resolution, Testo thermal imagers such as the 885-2 provide detailed images of inadequate insulation and thermal bridges. They are ideal for the recording and documentation of energy losses on outer windows and doors, radiator niches, in roof structures or the entire building shell. Testo thermal imagers are the perfect measuring tool for comprehensive diagnoses and maintenance uses, and providing energy consultation services.

885-2 Thermal Imager Application Click for larger image

Precise Analysis of Circuit Boards

Making it Possible to See Critical Temperatures on Circuit Boards Precisely

In the field of research and development, thermal imagers are also used for the targeted analysis of temperature distribution, such as on circuit boards. Electronic components on circuit boards are getting smaller and smaller – thus increasing the challenges with regard to heat dissipation. Only premium-quality thermal imagers with a really fine geometric resolution are suitable for this task. Analysis of the heating and cooling behavior over time is also helpful for optimization and this can be carried out using the Testo 885-2 Thermal Imager's video measurement.

  • 1 - Automatic Focus Thermal Imager (885-2)
  • 1 - Hard Travel Case
  • 1 - 2 GB SD Memory Card
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - IRSoft Software
  • 1 - Power Supply
  • 1 - Li-Ion Battery
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
  • 1 - Certificate of Conformity
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The New Thermal Imager: Testo 890 and Testo 885
The New Thermal Imager: Testo 890 and Testo 885
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