Testo 6741 (0555 6741)
Plastic Polymer Dewpoint Transmitter, 4 - 20 mA, 12 bit, +/-40 mA Acc, G1/2

  • Highest reliability
  • Calculation of the most important trace humidity variables
  • Adjustment report
  • Convenient operation
  • Analog output 4 to 20 mA, 2-wire technology
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Testo 6741TESTO shown
Testo 0555 6741 Dew point transmitter. Each measurement cell can be optimally equipped. With a European G 1/2 thread. Directly mounted, with a measurement chamber or cooling coil. All combinations are possible, ideal for your requirements. Highest reliability: long-term reliable Testo humidity sensor, tried and tested 100,000 times, demonstrably correct indication of measurement ranges and data, highest manufacturing quality. Calculation of the most important trace humidity variables: e.g. ° C, ° CA (atmospheric), ppm and absolute humidity. Adjustment report. Convenient operation: via the display without display via the internal interface and scaling adapter software, local 1-point calibration by manual input of reference value. Brightly lit 7-segment display (opt.): housing can be rotated by 350 °. The long-term reliable Testo humidity sensor with document able fine calibration at a trace humidity of -40 ° C. The right process connection: G1/2, pressure-tight up to 50 bar (725 psi), optional with measurement chamber. Analog output 4 to 20 mA (2-wire technology). 2 limit signal outputs (optional): pre- and main alarm as potential-free contact, 2 LEDs display alarm status. Easy menu operation via buttons: select humidity unit, alter scaling, set alarms includes hysteresis, carry out 1-point calibration locally, test analog signal and alarm outputs, call up historical min/max values. Plastic, polyacrylamide housing material. Ambient temperature: -20 to 70 ° C. Storage temperature: -40 to 80 ° C. Protection class: IP 65. Resolution: 12 bit. Accuracy: +/- 40 microA.
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