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Testo 160 IAQ

Wi-Fi Data Logger with Display and Internal Sensors for Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and Atmospheric Pressure

Brand: Testo
Model No: 160 IAQ
MPN: 0572 2014
Our Model No: 160IAQ
Condition: NEW
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160 IAQ
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Product Features:

  • Ideal tool for monitoring and recording indoor air quality
  • Integrated sensors measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and atmospheric pressure
  • Wirelessly transfers measurement data to the Testo Cloud using your existing Wi-Fi network
  • Automatically sends alarm notifications by e-mail (Basic License) and optional text messages with Advanced License
  • Readings can be monitored on any enabled device, including a smart phone, tablet, PC or MAC
  • Uses intuitive green, yellow, and red LED notifications to display air quality
  • Employs internal sensors to ensure easy and convenient set up
  • Large internal memory stores up to 40,000 measurement values, ensuring data is protected in case of a blackout or faulty Wi-Fi network
  • Small dimensions and optional deco cover (sold separately) for an inconspicuous design

The Testo 160 IAQ (0572 2014) Wi-Fi Data Logger is ideal for monitoring indoor air quality. Using internal sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, and atmospheric pressure, the 160 IAQ accurately determines the air conditions of a monitored area.

For areas such as schools and offices, the Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi Data Logger is a necessary tool for monitoring and recording indoor air quality. The quality of indoor air has a major influence on people's health and productivity. High CO2 levels in indoor air can lead to fatigue and a lack of concentration. The 160 IAQ helps optimize indoor air quality by providing reliable records and air quality warnings. The logger data is accessible at any time from any browser enabled device, such as a smart phone, tablet, or a PC or Mac.

The Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi Data Logger is unobtrusive and easy to hide, measuring only 3.3 x 4.6 x 1.26 inches. To make it easy to conceal, an optional paintable deco cover (sold separately) is available to help the logger blend in with its surroundings.

A Perfect Network Appliance

The Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi Data Logger uses an existing Wi-Fi network to send data to the testo Cloud. The testo Cloud is a central data repository for all of your testo 160 data loggers. On your testo Cloud account, you can configure data loggers and set alarm points, designate authorized users, and set recipients for alarms and monitoring reports. Depending on your needs, you can select between the free Basic or subscription based Advanced functionalities as needed, to create 10 user accounts, or add text messaging of alarms, for example.

Additional Functionality

The Testo 160 IAQ Wi-Fi Data Logger comes with a large internal memory for 40,000 measurement values to protect your data, in case of a blackout or Wi-Fi network issues. The logger housing has IP20 moisture protection, and uses readily available, standard alkaline batteries. The batteries are monitored, and should last for about 12 months. The logger can also be powered by an external USB power supply, and in such a case, the batteries will be used only during a loss of power.

Humidity - Capacitive
Measuring Range 0 to 100 %rH (non-condensing)
Accuracy ±2.0 %rH at +77.0 °F and 20 to 80 %rH
±3.0 %rH at +77.0 °F and < 20%rH and > 80 %rH
±1.0 %rH hysteresis
±1.0 %rH / year drift
Resolution 0.1 %rH
Absolute Pressure
Measuring Range 9 to 16 psi (600 to 1100 mbar)
Accuracy ±0 psi at +72 °F (±3 mbar at +22 °C)
Resolution 0 psi (1 mbar)
Ambient CO₂
Measuring Range 0 to 5000 ppm
Accuracy ±(50 ppm + 3 % of mv) at 77 °F
Without external power supply: ±(100 ppm + 3 % of mv) at 77 °F
Resolution 1 ppm
Measuring Range 32° to 122 °F (0 to +50 °C)
Accuracy ±0.9 °F (±0.5 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °F (0.1 °C)
General Technical Data
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 in. (117 x 82 x 32 mm)
Operating Temperature 32° to 122 °F (0 to +50 °C)
Protection Class IP20
Battery Life 1 year
Power Supply 4 x AA batteries 1.5 V (alternatively mains unit via USB connection)
Memory 32,000 Measuring values / Sum of all channels
Storage Temperature 32° to 122 °F (0 to +50 °C)
Weight 10 oz. (269 g)
  • 1 - 160 IAQ Wi-Fi Data Logger (0572 2014)
  • 4 - AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - Wall Bracket with Key and Adhesive Strip
  • 1 - QR Code Sticker
  • 1 - Basic License for Cloud Access
  • 1 - User Instructions
  • 1 - Factory Calibration Document
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