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Testo 330i-Kit1

Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer Kit #1 with Flue Gas Probe, Probe Mount

Brand: Testo
Model No: 330i-Kit1
MPN: 0563 3000 71
Our Model No: 330IKIT1
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Kit includes 330i Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer, a flue gas probe, TestoFix probe mount, and essential accessories
  • 330i Combustion Analyzer utilizes Bluetooth for wireless operation via powerful Combustion App and smart device
  • On-site reports may be generated and then sent via email or printed with optional Bluetooth Printer (available separately)
  • Measurement parameters include O2, CO, CO2, efficiency, excess air, and CO free air
  • Robust, completely enclosed plastic housing allows for use in harsh environments
  • User-replaceable long-life sensors have a service life of up to 6 years
  • Integrated draught and gas zeroing may be done without removing probe
  • Measuring range up to 30,000 ppm CO through automatic fresh air dilution
  • H2-compensated CO measuring cell
  • Included TestoFix probe holder enables users to quickly secure 330i instrument and probes to a flue gas duct

The Testo 330i-Kit1 (0563 3000 71) Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer Kit will enable you to overcome all the challenges that occur when commissioning and servicing heating systems. The Testo 330i Kit 1 contains the 330i flue gas analyzer, a flue gas probe, and a number of essential accessories.

The Testo 330i flue gas analyzer combines proven Testo combustion technology with the revolutionary power of Smart-Bluetooth operation (iOS or Android). Advanced technical features include user-replaceable long life sensors, integrated draught and gas zeroing, and CO / fresh air dilution.

The Testo 330i has the most powerful interface and operation of any combustion analyzer in the market today. Wireless operation of the instrument is performed via the powerful Combustion App and your smart device. Bluetooth connection allows you to operate your instrument remotely while you track your data from a convenient location.

Pre-configured reports are included with the powerful Smart Combustion App. Users can generate service reports and email them as an attachment directly from a smart device.

The App is easy-to-use: select the parameters and watch in real time as the measurement results are displayed on your iOS/Android smart device. View your combustion analysis in colorful charts, graphs, and tables. You can use included reports, or create custom measurement reports. Add comments and photos, to your reports and then send them by email. The Testo 330i is the most advanced combustion analyzer today.

The patent pending testoFix probe holder is included in the set, enabling you to quickly, easily, and securely attach probes to a flue gas duct. This global innovation also serves as a fallproof suspension system for the testo 330i flue gas analyzer.

Further Advantages of the Testo 330i Flue Gas Analyzer

  • User-replaceable long life sensors with a service life of up to 6 years - the long sensor life saves at least one sensor replacement over the instrument's typical useful life.

  • H2-compensated CO measuring cell with 0 to 30,000 ppm range

  • TÜV-tested according to the 1st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV) and EN 50379, Parts 1 - 3.

  • Integrated draught and gas zeroing, without removing the probe; the probe can remain in the flue during zeroing

  • Fresh air dilution upon exceeding a CO threshold value up to 30,000 ppm


Differential Pressure Measurement

You can use the Testo 330i flue gas analyzer to check the gas supply on gas boilers. You can therefore measure gas flow pressure and gas resting pressure in order to ensure that the system can be commissioned. You can also use the data specified by the manufacturer for the nozzle pressure to tailor the appliance output to the heat requirement.

Flue Gas Analysis and Flue Gas Measurement

The Testo 330i is equipped with two long-life sensors for measuring O2 and CO. Flue gas and draught are measured in parallel, so all relevant flue gas parameters are displayed simultaneously on the smartphone.

O2 Supply Air Measurement

In balanced flue systems, you can use the Testo 330i flue gas analyzer to check whether there is a leak in the flue gas system. Measure the O2 content of the combustion air in the dual wall clearance to ensure that no flue gas is getting into the combustion air supply, thus preventing damage due to condensate or impairment of the combustion process.

  • 1 - Combustion Analyzer with Bluetooth (330i)
  • 1 - Modular Flue Gas Probe - 5/16 in. dia., 12 in. long, 2 ft. hose (0600 9781)
  • 1 - Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 - AC Power Supply (0554 1096)
  • 10 - Particle Filters (0554 1096)
  • 1 - Heavy Duty Carrying Case (0516 3302)
  • 1 - TestoFix Probe Mount (0554 3006)
  • 1 - Certificate of Conformity
Model Description Buy Now Price
0393 0002 Testo 0393 0002 Replacement O2 Sensor for Models 330-1 LL / 330-2 LL, 0 to 21 Vol. % Add to Cart
Sale $279.00
0393 0051 Testo 0393 0051 Replacement CO Sensor without H2 Compensation for 330-1 LL / 330-2 LL, 0 to 4000 ppm Add to Cart
Sale $337.50
0393 0101 Testo 0393 0101 Replacement CO Sensor, H2-Compensated, for Models 330-1 LL / 330-2 LL, 0 to 8000 ppm Add to Cart
Sale $472.50
0393 0151 Testo 0393 0151 Replacement NO Sensor for Models 330-1 LL / 330-2 LL, 0 to 3000 ppm Add to Cart
Sale $472.50
0554 3006 Testo 0554 3006 testoFix Probe Mount for Flue Gas Probes with 0.3 in. Diameter Add to Cart
Sale $57.60
0554 0307 Testo 0554 0307 Standard Smoke Pump Test Kit with Scale, Filter Paper, and Lubricant Add to Cart
Sale $110.70
0554 1203 Testo 0554 1203 Hose Connection Set for Separate Gas Pressure Measurement Add to Cart
Sale $46.80
0554 1208 Testo 0554 1208 Differential Temperature Set with Velcro Probes and Adapter Add to Cart
Sale $118.80
0554 1096 Testo 0554 1096 Power Supply/Recharger with US Plug, 100-240 VAC / 6.3 VDC, for Flue Gas Analyzers Add to Cart
Sale $49.50
0554 1103 Testo 0554 1103 Charging Station for Rechargeable Battery (Models 870-1 and 870-2) Add to Cart
Sale $63.00
0554 0568 Testo 0554 0568 Spare Thermal Paper for IR and NFC Thermal Printers, 6 Rolls Add to Cart


0554 3385 Testo 0554 3385 Spare Particle Filter for Modular Flue Gas Probes (Pack of 10) Add to Cart


0516 3302 Testo 0516 3302 Carrying Case for 330i Flue Gas Analyzer and Accessories Add to Cart
Sale $82.80
0516 3303 Testo 0516 3303 Carrying Case with Removable Base Insert for 330i Flue Gas Analyzer Add to Cart
Sale $144.90
0449 0047 Testo 0449 0047 USB Connection Cable for Models 330-1G LL, 330-2G LL Add to Cart


0600 9780 Testo 0600 9780 7 in. Modular Flue Gas Probe, 0.3 in. Dia., with 25 in. Hose and Particle Filter Add to Cart
Sale $224.10
0600 9781 Testo 0600 9781 12 in. Modular Flue Gas Probe, 0.3 in. Dia., with 25 in. Hose and Particle Filter Add to Cart
Sale $235.80
0600 9782 Testo 0600 9782 7 in. Modular Flue Gas Probe, 0.24 in. Dia., with 25 in. Hose and Particle Filter Add to Cart
Sale $224.10
0600 9783 Testo 0600 9783 12 in. Modular Flue Gas Probe, 0.24 in. Dia., with 25 in. Hose and Particle Filter Add to Cart
Sale $235.80
0632 1260 Testo 0632 1260 Annular Gap Probe for O2 Measurement Add to Cart
Sale $158.40
0554 5762 Testo 0554 5762 Modular Multi-Hole Probe for Flue Gas Analyzers, Tube Only Add to Cart
Sale $183.60
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