Testo 330-2G-BT (0632 3307 00)
Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer - Meter Only

  • Intuitive graphic display
  • Simple graphics alert you when combustion parameters are out of range
  • Long Life Sensors with over-range protection
  • Measure CO up to 30,000 ppm(with standard dilution system)
  • Instrument diagnostics and quick leak check at the touch of a button
  • On-board memory to ½ million readings
  • Optional EasyHeat Software for data management
  • 20 selectable fuels with 10 user defined fuels
  • Calculations: CO2, efficiency, excess air, CO air free
  • Differential pressure
  • Differential temperature(with optional probes)
  • Gas pipe testing: pressure drop, pipe commissioning, and more
  • Gas leak with optional probe
  • Temperature range: -40 to 2,192 °F
  • USB connectivity and more
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Product Information
Datasheet 380 KB PDF
Manual 1.40 MB PDF
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The Testo 330-2G with Long-Life sensor technology marks a milestone in combustion analysis. In combustion analysis, proper set up and maintenance are critical to safe and efficient operation. The Testo 330-2G makes it simple. No more guesswork! Graphic boxes and trending curves display when your measurement is on target or off. The graphic display provides easy analysis of measurement data, providing more functions than ever before including testing for pipe commissioning and differential pressure. The interface for burner control modules makes this the most versatile tool in combustion tuning and testing.

The Testo 330-2G has the longest service life available in a combustion analyzer. Improved materials and construction details provide you with reliability and the lowest cost-of-ownership. It comes with the longest warrantee in the market with an expected sensor life span of up to 6 years (O2 and CO sensors). Rest assured the Testo 330-2G LL is an essential tool for combustion analysis.
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330-2G Bluetooth Testo 3302GBT (0632 3307 00) 330-2G LL analyzer w/ O2, CO w/ auto dilution, Bluetooth - Meter Only Discontinued
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - User Manual
Optional and Replacement Accessories
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