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Testo 770-2

True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter, 400A, with Inrush, and Temperature

Brand: Testo
Model No: 770-2
MPN: 0590 7702
Our Model No: 7702TESTO
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Unique hook-clamp design separates and grabs wires without using your hands
  • μA for flame rod (ignition flame sensor) testing, and can measure temperature using Type K thermocouple adapter
  • Auto AC/DC for current and voltage
  • Temperature Measurement
  • True root mean square measurement - TRMS
  • Retractable post makes hook release fast and easy
  • Meter automatically identifies testing in-process and selects correct meter configuration to save time and optimize accuracy
  • Large two-line display
  • Inrush (starting) current capture, APO (Auto Power Off, and Min/Max/Hold)
  • Bluetooth and testo Smart Probes App

The Testo 770-2 Clamp Meter is ideally suited for non-contact current measurement on tightly packed power cables or conductors with a small diameter. The unique grab mechanism means you can grab each individual cable easily and safely.

The 770-2 includes μA can measure temperature and identifies the testing in-process and automatically selects the correct meter configuration which saves you time and increases your accuracy. The 770-2 is rich in the features HVAC techs need and want including TRMS, starting current, and frequency measurement.

The 7702 allows you to cope in any application environment, no matter how tight. The movable pincer arm can be fully retracted into the instrument, so that you can for instance grab tightly packed cables in switching cabinets as if you were using a hook. You have never been able to measure as conveniently as this in tight spots.

The operation of the Testo 770-2 clamp meter is also easier and more reliable than ever before. It automatically detects and selects AC/DC and other electrical parameters, such as resistance, continuity, diode and capacitance. In addition, you can also use it to measure the starting current. And the two-line display presents your readings clearly and distinctly.

  • 3 - AAA Batteries
  • 1 - Set of measuring cables
  • 1 - Adapter for type K thermocouples
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