Testo 0602 4892
Temperature Probe with Magnet

  • Self-adhesive thanks to a magnet: probe for measuring surface temperature on metal surfaces
  • TC Type K temperature probe with 1.6 m cable
  • Measuring range: (-60 to 750°F) -50 to +400°C
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Testo 0602 4892 Shown

The testo 0602 4892 temperature probe with magnet is suitable to carry out measurements of surface temperatures of up to 750 °F (+400 °C). Because of the magnet, the probe attaches to metal surfaces all by itself.

The 0602 4892 surface probe features a 1.6 m cable. With this probe, you are ideally equipped for measuring temperatures which are not in close proximity to the testo Saveris 2-T3 Wi-Fi data logger.

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