Testo 0614 0275
Pt100 Precision Temperature Probe

  • Pt100 temperature probe for measurements in liquids and pastes
  • High-precision temperature measurement
  • For use in laboratories, in industry and in food control
  • Measuring range: -80 to +300 °C
  • Use as a working standard in calibration processes
  • Measuring temperatures in liquids for quality assurance
  • Use as a reference measuring instrument in laboratories
  • Precision temperature measurement in liquids in laboratories
  • Please note that you need to use the firmware version V1.08 with this probe
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The Testo 0614 0275 digital Pt100 precision temperature probe enables high-precision temperature measurements in liquids and pastes. With an accuracy of ± 0.05 °C in the 0 to +100 °C range, the probe is suitable, in conjunction with the Testo 480, for laboratory applications for example, where every decimal place counts.

The 0614 0275 temperature probe is a digital probe with an intelligent calibration concept. You can adjust the probe using the EasyClimate software and achieve a zero-error display.

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