Testo 0600 9741
12" Flue Gas Probe with 5' Hose, t max=932 °F

  • Flue gas path, draught path and temperature probe can be connected via a single probe coupling
  • Easy-to-replace dirt filter
  • Temperatures of up to 500 °C can be measured thanks to the thermocouple probe
  • Includes practical cone for attachment
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The Testo 0600 9741 compact flue gas probe can be connected to the flue gas analyzer quickly and easily. Thanks to its bayonet lock, the flue gas path, draught path and temperature probe can be connected to the measuring instrument via a single probe coupling. On the probe handle there is a particle filter, which protects the gas paths of the measuring instrument from contamination and which can also be replaced easily without any tools. The 0600 9741 flue gas probe measures temperatures of up to 500 °C and its immersion depth of 300 mm also makes it suitable for carrying out measurements on large combustion plants.

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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Dirt Filter
  • 1 - Cone for attachment
  • 1 - Thermocouple NiCr-Ni Tmax 500 °C and hose 1.5m