Telaire T2090
Ventostat T2090 UIP software

  • Altitude adjustment for maximum accuracy
  • performance
  • Analog output adjustment
  • Single point and span gas calibration
  • Turn on and off ABC Logicâ„¢
  • Change temperature display units
  • Graphing and logging of CO2, temperature and %RH
  • (H Versions only)
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The Ventostat UIP T2090 software allows you to modify the standard settings on the T8100, T8200 and T8300 series products.

The 2090 software can be used by distributors to make modifications to the Ventostat prior to shipping to the customer, as well as to make adjustments in the field. The USB cable supplies power to the Ventostat, negating the need for a separate power supply.

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Included Accessories
  • 1 - USB-to-Ventostat cable
  • 1 - Software CD