TekSelect Reconditioned Test Equipment

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What is TekSelect? - TekSelect allows you to buy directly from the factory at great savings. We understand that your budget constraints may affect your ability to buy new, so Tektronix provides products that will do the job at prices that won't break your budget.

When you have a special project with tight deadlines and waiting for an instrument simply won't do, TekSelect may offer the solution. In many cases, products have been reconditioned in advance and are available for immediate delivery. For those products not reconditioned in advance, or for products requiring reconfiguration, some lead-time is required for us to properly recondition your TekSelect product or install the added options you purchased.

New Product Performance - All products in the TekSelect program are serviced, calibrated and tested to meet the same high standards of quality that you've come to expect from Tektronix. All essential upgrades are installed and all products are functionally equivalent to brand new products. You don't have to sacrifice performance when purchasing a Tektronix factory reconditioned product.

Attractive Prices - TekSelect offers a full line of reconditioned products with savings from 10-70%. Standard warranty is included and many units are ready for immediate delivery. Limited quantities in stock, subject to availability.

New Product Warranty - All TekSelect products have the same warranty as if the products were new.

Outstanding Appearance - While all TekSelect products are reconditioned, many times they're very difficult to distinguish from new.

Availability/Delivery - In many cases, products have been reconditioned in advance and are available immediately. TekSelect products are offered on a "first come first serve" basis. This list is updated daily. For more information please call Test Equipment Depot at 1.800.517.8431