Tektronix Cerify SW Software
Automated Quality Control of File-based Video

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces Subjective, Error-prone, Time-consuming, and Expensive Manual Processes of Visually Inspecting Video Content
  • Performs Consistent and Thorough Checks of Incoming Video Files Against User-defined Templates
  • Integrates with Video Servers
  • Logs Errors, Informs Automation Systems, Plus Programmable Actions such as E-mail User Alert, Quarantine and Move Files
  • XML-based Templates can be Shared with other Users in the Content Supply Chain
  • Web-based Multiuser Interface
  • Flexible Windows Software-only Solution
  • All the Test Features of the Cerify 200 Market-leading Auto-QC Product
  • CeriTalk API for Integration with Automation and Asset Management Systems

Tests Include

  • Encoding errors, syntax errors, format, bit rate, quantisation, frame rate, GOP length, aspect ratio, color format, buffer analysis, file size, correct PID, CableLabs VoD compliance, number of video and audio streams, number of audio channels
  • Video playtime, signal levels, gamut, luminance, chrominance, black frame detection, video quality (blockiness), freeze frame detection, field order
  • Audio playtime, peak and minimum levels, audio loss, clipping, silence, mute, test tones


  • Format – All frame sizes, bit rates, and resolutions for SD/HD and mixed workflows
  • Container – MPEG TS/ PS, MXF, GXF, MP4, QuickTime, ASF, 3GPP
  • Video – MPEG-2 (IMX, XDCAM), H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, H.263, VC-1/WMV, DV/DVCPro25/50/100/HD
  • Audio – MPEG-1/2, AAC, HE AAC, PCM (AES, BWF, AIFF, WAV), DV, WMA, Dolby-D/AC-3, Dolby-E


  • Broadcasters – For checking audio and video after encoding, at ingest, after editing, after transcoding, and before playout for terrestrial, satellite, cable, internet, and video-on-demand content
  • Archiving – For checking integrity before and after archiving
  • Content Providers – For checking postproduction and aggregated content has been correctly encoded and conforms to the required quality and format

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With Cerify you can ensure that your content is ready for delivery
Quality control of file-based video that may be ingested from different sources and encoded at different bit rates, formats, and compression standards for SD/HD, VOD, and IPTV delivery presents considerable operational challenges. File-based video must be quality checked for:

  • Correct Encoding Syntax: At the digital level the audio and video must be correctly encoded without errors in accordance with the compression standard, so that it plays out correctly at the customer’s STB/playout device
  • Correct Encoding Parameters: The audio and video bit rates, GOP structure, video color-space, color depth, frame size, frame rate, aspect ratio, and quantization levels must be correct
  • Correct Baseband and Quality Levels: The analog parameters of signal levels, luma, chroma, gamut, and quality levels of black frames, video quality (blockiness), loss of audio, audio clipping, and video and audio playtime

Manual inspection can playout, watch, and listen but is subjective and cannot look inside the encoding to check that the correct syntax and parameters have been used.

Cerify solves all these problems, and can be easily integrated with Automation and Asset Management systems using the CeriTalk API.

Cerify SW is a fully compatible software-only version of the Cerify 200 which is the world’s first and leading automated system for checking/verifying file-based video content prior to delivery or use.

The XML-based test templates can be exchanged between Cerify systems, and applied as the definition of the required test standards between suppliers and broadcasters to establish Service Level Agreements and reduce costly churn (rework of content).

The Cerify Developer Community (CDC) of companies working together on integrated solutions is expanding rapidly and is featured on the Tektronix website.

User Interface
Easy-to-use web browser interface shows job status results at top level as red light / green light

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
CYSW Tektronix CYSW Cerify Single-Channel Software License for MPEG-2 Buy Now $11,500.00
CYSWAVC Tektronix CYSW-AVC H.264/AVC Option for Cerify SW Software Discontinued
CYSW CH Tektronix CYSW-CH An Additional Single Channel software licence for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263 (Baseline), H.264/AVC, VC-1 and DV Options. Up to three of these may be used with a single CYSW Buy Now $8,930.00
CYSWDV Tektronix CYSWDV DV Option for Cerify SW Software Discontinued
CYSWMP4 Tektronix CYSW-MP4 MPEG-4 & H.263 (Baseline) Option for Cerify Software Discontinued
CYSWSWS Tektronix CYSW-SWS 12-Months Cerify Software Support per Channel Discontinued
CYSWVC1 Tektronix CYSW-VC1 VC-1 Codec Support for Cerify SW Software Discontinued
Calibration & Repair Services
CYSWASM Tektronix CYSW ASM Cerify annual maintenance and support contract Discontinued
CYSW CH Tektronix CYSW-CH An Additional Single Channel software licence for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263 (Baseline), H.264/AVC, VC-1 and DV Options. Up to three of these may be used with a single CYSW Buy Now $8,930.00
CYSW ENT-10 Tektronix CYSW ENT-10 Enable clustering for up to 10 CYSW Units Buy Now $20,200.00
CYSW ENT-20 Tektronix CYSW ENT-20 Enable clustering for up to 20 CYSW Units Buy Now $35,700.00
CYSW ENT-5 Tektronix CYSW ENT-5 Enable clustering for up to 5 CYSW Units Buy Now $11,200.00
CYSW PSE Tektronix CYSW PSE Add a single channel of PSE analysis to a new Cerify system. Buy Now $5,190.00