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Tektronix TSG4102A-E1

TSG4102A 2 GHz RF Signal Generator w/ OCXO & GPIB Interface

Brand: Tektronix
Model No: TSG4102A-E1
Our Model No: TSG4102AE1
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 2 GHz frequency range
  • Comes pre-installed with oven-based crystal oscillator (OCXO/Option E1) time base
  • GPIB interface
  • +/- 0.3 dB Amplitude accuracy
  • -113 dBc/Hz phase noise
  • Modes include amplitude modulation(AM), frequency modulation (FM), phase modulation (ΦM), and pulse modulation
  • Analog and vector/digital signal generation capabilities
  • Dual baseband ARB generators
  • Analog modulation standard
  • Low-Cost soft key upgrade to vector/digital modulation
  • Digital modulation applications for GSM, EDGE, W-CDMA, APCO-25,
  • USB, GPIB, RS-232, and LAN interfaces
  • Standard 3-year warranty

The TSG4102A-E1 RF Vector Signal Generator offers mid-range performance and up to 200 MHz modulation bandwidth at an entry-level RF signal generator price. A new technique provides spurious free outputs with low phase noise (-113 dBc/Hz at 20 kHz offset from 1 GHz carrier) and extraordinary frequency resolution (1 μHz at any frequency). TSG4102A-E1 comes standard with analog modulation, pre-installed with an oven-based crystal oscillator (OCXO) time base, and a GPIB interface.

Convenient, in-field software upgrades allow the TSG4102A-E1 to easily transition from analog to the more advanced vector and digital modulation capabilities, providing the most flexible configuration and best CAPEX protection. These instruments complement other leading mid-range RF test solutions from Tektronix, such as the USB-based RSA306 Spectrum Analyzer, and the MDO4000B and MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes.

Digital Modulation Applications

Option VM01

Option VM01 - GSM Application

Option VM02

Option VM02 - GSM-EDGE Application

Option VM03
Option VM03

Option VM03 - W-CDMA Application

Option VM04

Option VM04 - APCO-25 Phase 1 Application

Option VM05

Option VM05 - DECT Application

Option VM06

Option VM06 - NADC Application

Option VM07

Option VM07 - PDC Application

Option VM08

Option VM08 - TETRA Application

OCXO Time-Base

These instruments offer an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) time-base. The time-base uses a third-overtone stress-compensated 10 MHz resonator in a thermostatically controlled oven. The time-base provides very low phase noise and very low aging.

Easy Remote Communications

Remote operation is supported with RS-232, LAN, and GPIB interfaces. All instrument functions can be controlled and read over any of the interfaces. Up to nine instrument configurations can be saved in non-volatile memory.

  • 1 - TSG4102A-E1 RF Signal Generator
  • 1 - 1m RF cable
  • 1 - Documentation CD
  • 1 - Installation & Safety Instructions
  • 1 - Statement of Calibration
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - 3 Yr. Warranty
Model Description Buy Now Price
TSG4102A-EIQ Tektronix TSG4102A-EIQ *Internal Option* TSG4102A External 200M Modulation BW Option (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM00 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM00 *Internal Option* TSG4102A Basic Vector Modulation Pkg w/6MHz BW Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM01 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM01 *Internal Option* TSG4102A GSM Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM02 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM02 *Internal Option* TSG4102A GSM EDGE Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM03 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM03 *Internal Option* TSG4102A W-CDMA Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM04 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM04 *Internal Option* TSG4102A APCO-25 Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM05 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM05 *Internal Option* TSG4102A DECT Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM06 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM06 *Internal Option* TSG4102A NADC Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM07 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM07 *Internal Option* TSG4102A PDC Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM08 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM08 *Internal Option* TSG4102A TERRA Modulation (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


TSG4102A-VM10 Tektronix TSG4102A-VM10 *Internal Option* TSG4102A Analog AM & FM Audio Clip (Req VM00 Pkg) Add to Cart


Calibration & Data Reports
Model Description Buy Now Price
TSG4102A-C3 Tektronix TSG4102A-C3 TSG4102A 3-Year Calibration Service Add to Cart


TSG4102A-C5 Tektronix TSG4102A-C5 TSG4102A 5-Year Calibration Service Add to Cart


TSG4102A-D1 Tektronix TSG4102A-D1 TSG4102A Calibration Data Report Add to Cart
Sale $62.00
TSG4102A-D3 Tektronix TSG4102A-D3 TSG4102A 3-Year Calibration Data Report w/ Opt C3 Add to Cart
Sale $112.00
TSG4102A-D5 Tektronix TSG4102A-D5 TSG4102A 5-Year Calibration Data Report w/ Opt C5 Add to Cart
Sale $209.00
Repair Services
Model Description Buy Now Price
TSG4102A-R5 Tektronix TSG4102A-R5 TSG4102A 5-Year Repair Service (Including Warranty) Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.54 MB)
Brochure: PDF Document Icon (353 KB)
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