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Tektronix PWS4305

30V/5A Programmable DC Power Supply

Brand: Tektronix
Model Number: PWS4305
Our Item No: PWS4305
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Linear Regulation
  • Up to 30 V Output Voltage
  • ±0.03% + 3 mV Basic Voltage Accuracy
  • ±0.05% + 2.5 mA Basic Current Accuracy
  • <4 mVp-p Ripple and Noise

Available Functions and Features

  • Bright vacuum fluorescent display
  • Stable, low-noise, linear regulation
  • Dedicated V and I readouts


  • Rear Outputs and Trigger/Status Lines
  • USB Device Port on Rear Panel for Quick PC Connectivity and Remote Programming
  • Includes National Instrument’s LabVIEW SignalExpress Tektronix Edition Software for Connecting Your Bench

With wide voltage and current ranges, the Tektronix PWS4305 30V/5A Programmable DC Power Supply make a versatile addition to your bench. A basic voltage accuracy of 0.03% and less than 5 mVp-p noise means you can be confident in the power supply's output value. List mode and a USB port for remote programming accelerate complex test development. The Tektronix PWS4000 Power Supply Series generates the power you need for your application – quickly and precisely.

Total Control Over Your Output

All models of the Tektronix PWS4305 include an overvoltage protection circuit that reduces the output voltage if it exceeds a user-specified threshold for any reason. The Tektronix PWS 4000 Series also allows you to prevent the voltage from being accidentally adjusted above a limit that you specify.

Setting an appropriate current limit can be critical for preventing damage to your device under test. With the Tektronix PWS4305 numeric keypad, you can quickly and precisely specify a current limit before you start your test. The current limit is always visible on the display to keep you aware of this important setting. A user-definable password allows you to lock the front panel to prevent unwanted adjustments during critical tests.

Designed to Make Your Work Easier

The Tektronix PWS4305 30V/5A Programmable DC Power Supply is designed with the ease-of-use and familiar operation you expect from Tektronix.

Intuitive Operation

A rotary knob, with user-selectable step size, makes it easy to check circuit response to changing voltage or current. The direct-entry numeric keypad simplifies setting precise voltage and current values.

Bright Display

A bright vacuum fluorescent display provides excellent readability at a distance, at an angle, or under dim lighting conditions. Meter readings and limits are always visible. You don't need to push buttons just to see your limits.

Setup Memories

To save time when repeating tests, you can save your instrument settings in one of the 40 internal memory locations by simply pressing the Save button. Each time you want to recall that setting, just push the Recall button and choose the desired setup.

Accelerate Complex Test Development

The built-in List mode allows you to define a custom sequence of voltage and current steps for your test. You can define up to 7 lists, and each list can have up to 80 steps. Lists can be configured to step through the sequence based on external triggers or front-panel button presses. Alternatively, you can specify a duration for each step and the instrument will automatically step through the sequence. For even more flexibility, a USB device port on the back panel makes it easy to connect the power supply to your PC for remote programming.

Connect Your Bench for Intelligent Debug

You can use your preferred programming environment to control the Tektronix PWS4305 using a USBTMC-compliant device port, or you can get quick results with the special Tektronix Edition of National Instrument’s LabVIEW SignalExpress software. The Tektronix PWS4305 30V/5A Programmable DC Power Supply includes the Tektronix Edition of SignalExpress for basic instrument control, data logging, and analysis. The optional Professional Edition offers over 200 built-in functions that provide additional signal processing, advanced analysis, sweeping, limit testing, and user-defined step capabilities.

SignalExpress supports the range of Tektronix bench instruments, enabling you to connect your entire test bench. You can then access the feature-rich tools packed into each instrument from one intuitive software interface. This allows you to automate complex measurements requiring multiple instruments, and easily capture and analyze your results, all from your PC. Only Tektronix offers a connected test bench of intelligent instruments to simplify and speed debug of your complex design.

Performance You Can Count On

In addition to industry-leading service and support, the Tektronix PWS4305 Power Supply Series comes backed with a three-year standard warranty.

Model Description Buy Now Price
SILV100 Tektronix SILV100 +5-Years Warranty Extension for DMM4K, PWS2K, PWS4K, and Others Add to Cart


Calibration & Data Reports
Model Description Buy Now Price
PWS4305 C3 Tektronix PWS4305 C3 Calibration Service 3 Yrs. Provides Traceable Or Functional Verification Events Whichever Are Applicable To The Product. Cals Are At Tektronix Recommended Interval During The Coverage Period. Cal Coverage Includes The Manufactures Cal + 2 Years Add to Cart


PWS4305 C5 Tektronix PWS4305 C5 Calibration Service 5 Yrs. Provides Traceable Or Functional Verification Events Whichever Are Applicable To The Product. Cals Are At Tektronix Recommended Interval During The Coverage Period. Cal Coverage Includes The Manufactures Cal Add to Cart


PWS4305 D1 Tektronix PWS4305 D1 Calibration Data Report Add to Cart


PWS4305 D3 Tektronix PWS4305 D3 Calibration Data Report 3 Years (With Option C3) Add to Cart


PWS4305 D5 Tektronix PWS4305 D5 Calibration Data Report 5 Years (With Option C5) Add to Cart


Repair Services
Model Description Buy Now Price
PWS4305 R5 Tektronix PWS4305 R5 Repair Service 5 Years (Including Warranty) (Must be purchased with Unit) Add to Cart


PWS4305-R5DW Tektronix PWS4305-R5DW Repair Service Coverage 5 Years (Includes Product Warranty Period); 5 Year Period Starts At Time Of Customer Instrument Purchase Add to Cart


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