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Tektronix PA4000 2CH

2-Ch Multi-phase Power Analyzer

Status: Not Available
Brand: Tektronix
Model Number: PA4000 2CH
Our Item No: PA40002CH
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 1 to 4 Input Modules allows several configurations to match your applications
  • High measurement accuracy of 0.04% (basic voltage & current accuracy) for demanding test requirements
  • Dual internal current shunts for each module maximize accuracy for high- and low-current measurements
  • Unique Spiral Shunt design maintains stability over variations incurrent, temperature, etc. (patent applied for)
  • Proprietary frequency detection algorithms ensure rock-solid frequency tracking even on noisy waveforms
  • Application-specific test modes simplify instrument setup and reduce the likelihood of user error
  • Easy data export to USB flash drive or remote PC software, for reporting and/or remote control
  • Many standard features such as communication ports and harmonic analysis eliminate costly upgrade options


  • Power Conversion
  • Power Generation
  • Inverters
  • Motor Drives
  • Electrical Propulsion
  • UPS
  • Frequency Converters
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle
  • High-Efficiency Lighting
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Standby Power

The Tektronix PA4000 2-Ch Multi-phase Power Analyzer delivers highly accurate, multi-channel power, energy, and efficiency measurements. Precisely-matched inputs, unique Spiral Shunt technology, and advanced signal processing deliver high accuracy even with highly modulated waveforms and crest factors as high as 10. The versatile Tektronix PA 4000 offers comprehensive power measurements. Dual current shunts provide optimal resolution from microwatts to kilowatts. Harmonics analysis up to the 100th harmonic, and motor analysis with torque and speed inputs are included in the standard instrument. Every Tektronix PA4000 2CH comes with multiple PC interfaces, PC software, and USB flash drive support to help you collect and analyze data.

Flexible Voltage and Current Input Choices to Fit Your Application

The Tektronix PA4000 2-Ch Multi-phase Power Analyzer is the only instrument of its kind to feature both high- and low-range internal current shunts in each input module. The Tektronix PA 4000's 30-Amp shunt is perfect for many applications and can accept up to 200 A peak; but for measuring low-current devices the 1A shunt provides increased resolution and accuracy for measurements down into the microamp range. For measuring currents over 30 Amps, a selection of matching external current transducers are available in several styles, including high-accuracy transducers up to 1000 A. The Tektronix PA4000's voltage inputs can accept up to 1000 Vrms, 2000 Vpeak, continuous.

Unique Spiral Shunt Technology

The Tektronix PA4000 2-Ch Multi-phase Power Analyzer employs an innovative Spiral Shunt design that ensures stable, linear response over a wide range of input current levels, ambient temperatures, crest factors, and other variables. The Tektronix PA4000 2CH's new design is superior to other shunt technologies and contributes to the instrument's reliable accuracy and repeatability over a wide range of signal conditions common in today's power conversion technologies. The spiral construction not only minimizes stray inductance (for optimum high frequency performance) but also provides for high overload capability and improved thermal stability.

Application-Specific Test Modes

Some applications require special instrument settings to ensure proper measurements. The Tektronix PA4000 2CH simplifies setup for these applications by automatically choosing instrument settings and parameters that are optimized for each type of measurement application, resulting in more reliable measurement results with less opportunity for user setup error.

PWM Motor Drive Mode

PWM motor mode is designed to overcome the difficulties associated with making measurements on the complex waveforms commonly found on themotor drives. High frequency sampling is combined with digital filtering toreject the carrier frequency and extract the motor frequency while still usingprefiltered data for power parameters.

Standby Power Mode

Driven by consumer demand and energy efficiency regulations (such as ENERGY STAR), there is an ever-increasing need to measure power consumption of products while they are in standby mode. One of the most widely used standards for measurement is IEC 62301. Part of this standard requires the measurement of power over a prolonged period of time without missing any short duration power events. The Tektronix PA4000 2CH standby power modeprovides continuous sampling of voltage and current to produce an accurate Watts measurement over the user specified period.

Ballast Mode

Ballast mode synchronizes measurements for highly modulated electronic ballast waveforms. In modern electronic lighting ballasts, it is often difficult to make accurate measurements because the output signals are high frequency waveforms that are heavily modulated by the power frequency. Ballast mode provides a way of locking the measurement period to the power frequency.

Integrator Mode

Integrator mode is used to provide measurements for determining energy consumption (Watt-hours, Ampere-hours, etc.). In addition, for certain parameters, average values are also available.

Standard Harmonics analysis

The Tektronix PA4000 2CH features harmonics analysis to the 100th harmonic as a standard feature. Harmonics, THD, and related measurements can all be analyzed simultaneously with other power parameters. Accurate measurement of harmonic amplitude, phase, and harmonic power are included, which are critical to the analysis of losses in rotating machinery.

Standard Communication Ports

The Tektronix PA4000 2CH comes standard with USB, Ethernet, and RS-232 communication ports, plus a front-mounted USB port for data export to a flash drive. GPIB is available as a factory-installed option.

  • 1-4 - Voltage Lead Set (one per input module)
  • 1 - Power Cord (063-4498-xx)
  • 1 - CD Containing All Relevant Documentation and User Manuals
  • 1 - USB Host-to-Device Interface Cable
  • 1 - Certificate of Calibration
  • 1 - 3-year Product Warranty
  • Sold separately from main unit(s)
  • Intended for pre-owned/existing main unit(s)
  • Can be purchased and installed at any time
  • Installations vary; please call for details
PA4000-UP 15V Tektronix PA4000-UP 15V Adds +/-15V Power Supply to Existing PA4000 Instrument Discontinued
PA4000-UP 1CH Tektronix PA4000-UP 1CH Adds One Input Module to Existing PA4000 Instrument Discontinued
PA4000-UP 2CH Tektronix PA4000-UP 2CH Adds Two Input Modules to Existing PA4000 Instrument Discontinued
PA4000-UP 3CH Tektronix PA4000-UP 3CH Adds Three Input Modules to Existing PA4000 Instrument Discontinued
PA4000-UP GPIB Tektronix PA4000-UP GPIB Adds GPIB Communication to Existing PA4000 Instrument Discontinued
Model Description Buy Now Price
BALLAST-CT Tektronix Ballast-CT Lamp Ballast Testing for Models PA1000, PA40001CH, PA40002CH, PA40003CH, PA4000 Discontinued
BB1000-NA Tektronix BB1000-NA Breakout Box for Power Analyzers, North American Configuration Add to Cart


PA4000 GPIB Tektronix PA4000 GPIB GPIB Interface for the Tektronix PA4000 4CH Multi-phase Power Analyzer Discontinued
Calibration & Data Reports
Model Description Buy Now Price
PA4000 C3 Tektronix PA4000 C3 3 Year Calibration Service for PA4000 Multi-phase Power Analyzer Discontinued
PA4000 C5 Tektronix PA4000 C5 5 Year Calibration Service for PA4000 Multi-phase Power Analyzer Discontinued
PA4000 D1 Tektronix PA4000 D1 Calibration Data Report for 1 Year Discontinued
PA4000 D3 Tektronix PA4000 D3 Calibration Data Report for 3 Years (with Opt. C3) Discontinued
PA4000 D5 Tektronix PA4000 D5 Calibration Data Report for 5 Years (with Opt. C5) Discontinued
PA4000-UP IFC Tektronix PA4000-UP IFC Service Installation and Calibration Add to Cart


Repair Services
Model Description Buy Now Price
PA4000 G3 Tektronix PA4000 G3 Complete Care 3 Years (loaner, scheduled calibration, and more) Discontinued
PA4000 G5 Tektronix PA4000 G5 Complete Care 5 Years (loaner, scheduled calibration, and more) Discontinued
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