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Tektronix PA1000

Multi-phase Power Analyzer

Brand: Tektronix
Model Number: PA1000
Our Item No: PA1000
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • High measurement accuracy of 0.05% (basic voltage/current accuracy)
  • 1 MHz bandwidth / 1 MS/s sample rate for demanding test requirements
  • Up to 600 Vrms voltage input
  • Up to 20 Arms current input
  • Bright color graphics display makes instrument setup and data readout easy
  • Dual internal current shunts maximize accuracy for high- and low-current measurements
  • Application-specific test modes simplify instrument setup and reduce the likelihood of user error
  • Easy data export to USB flash drive or remote PC software, for reporting and analysis
  • PWRVIEW PC software provides fully automated compliance testing to IEC 62301 requirements
  • Many standard features such as GPIB, USB, Ethernet and harmonic analysis eliminate costly upgrade options


  • Standby power and Energy Star compliance testing
  • Lighting ballasts
  • Consumer electronics and appliances
  • Power supply testing
  • Energy efficiency of any single-phase product

The Tektronix PA1000 is your best choice for making precision power measurements on single-phase power supplies and all types of productsconnected to the AC line. Whether you need to test for compliance with energy-usage regulations such as Energy Star, or simply need to characterize your product's overall power-conversion performance and efficiency, you will find the Tektronix PA1000 offers the most modern and complete test solution with performance and features unmatched by other single-phase analyzers.

Bright graphics display

The color graphics display on the Tektronix PA1000 is unmatched among single-phase power analyzers. The Tektronix PA1000 provides intuitive readout of not only measurement values, but also harmonic bar charts, waveform display, energy integration plots and more. Setup of the Tektronix PA-1000 for your particular application is also easy and flexible, using the menu-driven interface andsoft keys.

Application-specific test modes

Some applications require special instrument settings to ensure proper measurements. The Tektronix PA1000 simplifies setup for these applications by automatically choosing instrument settings and parameters that are optimized for each type of measurement application, resulting in more reliable measurement results with less opportunity for user setup error.

Test Modes
Ballast mode Synchronizes measurements for highly modulated electronic ballast waveforms. In modern electronic lighting ballasts, it is often difficult to make accurate measurements because the output signals are high frequency waveforms that are heavily modulated by the power frequency. Ballast mode provides a way of locking the measurement period to the power frequency.
Standby power mode Driven by consumer demand and energy efficiency regulations (such as ENERGY STAR), there is an ever-increasing need to measure power consumption of products while they are in standby mode. One of the most widely used standards for measurementis IEC 62301. Part of this standard requires the measurement of power over a prolonged period of time without missing any short duration power events. The Tektronix PA1000 standby power mode provides continuous sampling of voltage and current to produce an accurate Watts measurement over the user specified period.
Inrush mode For measuring the peak current during any event. Typically this is used to measure the peak current when a product is first switched on.
Integrator mode Used to provide measurements for determining energy onsumption (Watt-hours, Ampere-hours, etc.).

Standard harmonics analysis

The Tektronix PA1000 features harmonics analysis to the 50th harmonic as astandard feature. Harmonics, THD and related measurements can all beanalyzed simultaneously with other power parameters

Standard communication ports

The Tektronix PA1000 comes standard with USB, Ethernet and GPIB communicationports, plus a front-mounted USB port for data logging to a flash drive.

PWRVIEW PC software for the PA1000 PowerAnalyzer

PWRVIEW is a supporting software application for Windows PCs thatcompliments and extends the functionality of the PA1000. PWRVIEW enables you to do the following:

  • Communicate with the PA1000 over any of the instrument comm ports
  • Change instrument settings remotely
  • Transfer, view, and save measurement data in real-time from the instrument, including waveforms, harmonic bar charts, and plots
  • Log measurement data over a period of time
  • Communicate with and download data from multiple PA1000 instruments
  • Create formulae for the calculation of power conversion efficiency and other values
  • Export measurement data to .csv format for import into other applications
  • Automate instrument setup, data collection, and report generation for key applications with just a few clicks, using wizard-driven interfaces
  • Perform automated full compliance testing for Low Power Standby per IEC 62301, Edition 2
  • Additional test automation will be added with future releases
  • 1 - Voltage lead
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - USB host-to-device interface cable
  • 1 - Documentation CD
  • 1 - Certificate of calibration
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.99 MB)
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