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Tektronix TSL3000B

TekSmartLab Software

Brand: Tektronix
Model No: TSL3000B
Our Model No: TSL3000B
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Works in conjunction with TBX3000A Hardware to form TekSmartLab, a network-based instrument management solution for teaching labs
  • Easy to setup with industrial reliability
  • Instant remote configuration of large fleets of instruments
  • Centralized monitoring and remote assistance
  • Online retrieving and saving of test results
  • Automatic instrument asset information recording


  • Basic teaching laboratory

TekSmartLab is the industry's first network-based instrument management solution for teaching labs that brings a more efficient lab experience. With the TekSmartLab, instructors can setup configurations of large fleets of instruments conveniently with only one click, while configuring lab instruments had to be done manually before. Students can retrieve and save the test results wirelessly via their smart devices, instead of using the USB thumb drives. And with the TekSmartLab, instrument asset information is recorded automatically with high accuracy, whereas lab managers in traditional teaching labs record that data manually one instrument at a time.

TekSmartLab Network Diagram

In traditional teaching labs, connecting instruments to a network can be challenging, building an internal network through cables is tedious, and many lab instruments do not have a LAN port.

Tektronix TekSmartLab is different: On each bench, the TBX3000A connects and controls instruments through USB cables, and communicates with the TSL3000B software on the lab server via the wireless network. The TBX3000A has a LAN port (standard), and can support a WI-FI connection when equipped with a compatible USB-WIFI dongle.

TekSmartLab Network Diagram

On the lab server, the TSL3000B communicates with the TBX3000A on each bench. The TSL3000B gives instructors centralized control of large fleets of instruments and gives students the ability to retrieve and save the test results online.

Easy to Setup with Industrial Reliability

TekSmartLab can be easily setup via WI-FI without laying LAN cables. Without any configuration, instruments are recognized automatically by the system when they are connected to the system.

For the labs which have already equipped with Tektronix and Keithley instruments, instructors can smoothly update their labs to TekSmartLab as most of the Tektronix and Keithley teaching lab instruments are supported, even some instruments that have been phased out in the last five years.

Instead of controlling all the instruments by lab server directly, the TBX3000A on each bench controls the instruments connected to it. Using the TekSmartLab is an efficient and stable way to work. The TBX3000A, which is based on the Tektronix oscilloscope platform, works seamlessly with Tektronix and Keithley instruments, assuring the industrial reliability of the entire system.

Centralized Configuration

Instructors can load instrument configurations based on different courses and then distribute them to over 100 instruments with a single click before a lab exercise. Instrument configuration changes can be made and delivered anytime; for example, the Autoset function can be disabled to encourage students to learn how to manually adjust an oscilloscope to display the correct waveform.

Centralized Monitoring & Remote Assistance

Green Status of Instruments

With TekSmartLab, professors can easily monitor the status of all instruments during the experiment: Green signifies that the instrument is working, gray signifies no connection, and red signifies error. A instructor can check or help a specific bench by clicking on the corresponding bench icon.

Bench Readouts

Clicking a bench icon displays the readouts and key configuration settings for the instruments on that bench.

Test Results Online Retrieving & Saving

In a traditional teaching lab, when students need to save the test results, typically snapshots of oscilloscopes, they use a USB thumb drive or, more often, use mobile device to take the picture. The quality of the test results is not consistent, and test results are difficult to archive for future access.

TekSmartLab provides a more intelligent approach for retrieving and saving test results online: The TSL3000B server software creates a web page available in the local network for each bench. Each web page can be conveniently accessed by bench-specific IP address.

Test Results

The test results, which include snapshots of the oscilloscope with step number, instruments' S/N, student's name and comments, can be downloaded locally, or archived on the lab server for future access.

Automatic Instrument Asset Information Recording

In conventional teaching labs, the asset manager must manually check and record information such as instrument model numbers, serial numbers, and locations. Detailed information like the length of usage can only be estimated by experience or by keeping usage logs.

The TekSmartLab solution automatically records and displays asset information, including usage time. Just one click archives the asset and usage information. TekSmartLab dramatically increases asset management accuracy compared to previous methods and makes managing lab assets much more efficient.

Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.72 MB)
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