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Tektronix TCA75

75 Ohm Input Connector TEKCONNECT Adapter

Brand: Tektronix
Model No: TCA75
Our Model No: TCA75
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • DC to ≥8 GHz (Instrument Dependent)
  • VSWR - 1.1:1 (-26.45 dB) to 4 GHz; 1.3:1 (-18 ;dB) to 8 GHz
  • 75 Ω Input
  • Auto Attenuation Factor Correction


  • Signal integrity, jitter, and timing analysis
  • Verification, characterization, and debug of sophisticated designs
  • High-speed digital devices and circuits
  • Power supplies/inverters
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Industrial/consumer electronics
  • Mobile communications
  • Motor drives
  • Transportation systems
  • Disk drive analysis
  • Investigation of transient phenomena
  • Spectral analysis
  • Video design and development
  • HDTV and streaming digital video

Tektronix TCA75 adapter allows Tektronix oscilloscopes with TekConnect interface to easily access and measure 75 Ω terminated circuitry. The TCA75's attenuation factor is automatically corrected to provide the end user with correctly displayed signal magnitudes.

TekConnect Interface Delivers Superior Signal Fidelity, Unparalleled Versatility, and Ease-of-Use

Tektronix award-winning TDS7000, CSA7000, and TDS6000 Series oscilloscopes allow engineers to make high-speed measurements quickly and efficiently. In addition to these high-speed measurements, many of today's designers also face the challenges of measuring high voltage, current, power, or even microvolt level signals to gain a more complete understanding of their designs.

The TekConnect interface ensures superior signal fidelity with useful bandpass up to 18 GHz at the TDS/CSA7000B and TDS6000 series oscilloscope inputs, while offering unparalleled versatility with the world's widest array of accessory signal acquisition solutions for high-performance, real-time oscilloscopes. This interface delivers a more robust oscilloscope interface for next-generation products with multi-GHz analog bandwidths, overcoming many of the inherent bandwidth limitations of BNC-based interfaces. The TekConnect interface preserves a low-voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) 50 Ω environment as well as a reliable electrical connection. A convenient, one-button release and locking mechanism provides quick, easy installation and removal of probes, amplifiers, and adapters.

TekConnect TCA Series Adapters Expand the Functionality of Tektronix High-Performance Oscilloscopes - This family of adapter systems provides less signal distortion and better performance than traditional connections used to move a signal from one environment to another, such as BNC to N or BNC to SMA.

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  • 1 - Certificate of Compliance
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