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Tektronix CT6

250 kHz to 2 GHz, 6 A Max. Peak Pulse Current Probe

Brand: Tektronix
Model Number: CT6
Our Model No: CT6
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • High Bandwidth
  • Ultra-low Inductance
  • Very Small Form Factor
  • Characterize Current Waveforms up to <200 ps Rise Times
  • Very Low Loading of Circuit Under Test
  • Fits Into Dense, Closely-spaced Circuit Designs


  • Data Storage Read Channel Design
  • Silicon Characterization
  • High-frequency Analog Design
  • ESD Testing
  • Signal Injection
  • Differential Current Measurements
  • Single-shot Low Rep-rate Pulse Measurements
  • Propagation Delay Measurement

The Tektronix CT6 Current Probe, High Freq/Small Geometry (w/ Certificate of Traceable Calibration) is designed for permanent or semi-permanent in-circuit installation. Each probe consists of a current transformer and an interconnecting cable. The current transformers have a small hole through which a current carrying conductor is passed during circuit assembly.

The Tektronix CT6 Current Probe, High Freq/Small Geometry (w/ Certificate of Traceable Calibration) provides the connection between the Tektronix CT1 Current Transformer and a BNC oscilloscope input. A 50 Ω termination is required to terminate the cable when connected to a high-impedance (1 MΩ) oscilloscope input. One probe cable can be used to monitor several current transformers that have been wired into a circuit.

Miniature Construction

The Tektronix CT6 detachable cable design enables one or more probes to be located on circuit boards or in other limited space areas. Additionally, the Tektronix CT/1 features the ability to removable cables, which enable the user to adjust the length of the cable to what is most optimal to them at the time without purchasing a whole new probe.

Specified rise time and bandwidth are obtained when using the probe cables provided; The Tektronix P6041 cable used with the Tektronix CT6 is 42 inches nominal. If additional length is required, the cables can be extended by using high-quality 50 Ω cable and suitable interface connectors. However, Long cables may degrade high-frequency response.

High Sensitivity

The Tektronix CT6 provides an output of 5 mV for each milliamp of input current when terminated in 50 Ω.

Typical Systems

The Tektronix CT6 high-frequency current transformer is a dynamic (i.e., non-DC) current measuring devices. They are typically used in conjunction with compatible high-bandwidth oscilloscopes and other instruments to observe and/or record high-frequency current waveforms. The Tektronix CT6 normally operate directly into 50 Ω scopes and other measuring device inputs.

The Tektronix CT6 can be used with 1 MΩ input systems; by using the Tektronix P6041 probe cable, the user can terminate the output with a 50 Ω feed-through termination.

Differential Current Measurements

The Tektronix CT6 can make differential current measurements to 1 GHz, by passing two wires carrying opposing currents through the same core. The displayed result is the difference current. In all cases, Derating with Frequency and Amp-second Product (Current-time Product) guidelines should not be exceeded.

Single-shot and Low Rep-rate Pulse Measurements

These common measurements are easy to make with the Tektronix CT6 provided that your signal fits within the Max Pulse Current and Amp-second Product (Current-time Product) guidelines for the specific current probe characteristics. The Tektronix CT6 all have low-frequency roll-off characteristics. Low-frequency "droop" will exhibit itself when the pulse width approaches the L/R time constant of the specific transformer.

Propagation Delay Measurements

Two Tektronix CT6 Current Transformers with matching probe cables can be used to measure propagation delay (transit time) between the input and output currents of high-frequency devices. The probe outputs are connected to the inputs of dual-channel real-time or sampling scopes.

Verification of any Probe/Cable/Scope System mismatch can be obtained by passing the same signal current through both probes and observing total system delay difference, if any.

  • 1 - 015-0572-xx SMA to BNC Adapter
  • 1 - 071-0453-xx User Manual
  • 1 - Color Cable Marker Bands
  • 1 - 015-0682-xx Probe Holder
  • 1 - Certificate of Traceable Calibration
  • 1 - 1 Year Warranty
Calibration & Data Reports
Model Description Buy Now Price
CT6 C3 Tektronix CT6 C3 Calibration Service 3 Yrs. Provides Traceable Or Functional Verification Events Whichever Are Applicable To The Product. Add to Cart


CT6 C5 Tektronix CT6 C5 Calibration Service 5 Yrs. Provides Traceable Or Functional Verification Events Whichever Are Applicable To The Product. Add to Cart


CT6 D1 Tektronix CT6 D1 Calibration Data Report Add to Cart


CT6 D3 Tektronix CT6 D3 Calibration Data Report 3 Years (With Option C3) Add to Cart


CT6 D5 Tektronix CT6 D5 Calibration Data Report 5 Years (With Option C5) Add to Cart


Repair Services
Model Description Buy Now Price
CT6 R3 Tektronix CT6 R3 Repair Service 3 Years Add to Cart


CT6 R5 Tektronix CT6 R5 Repair Service 5 Years Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (359 KB)
Oscilloscope Accessories Selection Guide: PDF Document Icon (1.3 MB)
ABCs of Probes: PDF Document Icon (1.1 MB)
Oscilloscope Probes Factsheet: PDF Document Icon (180 KB)
Current Probes Factsheet: PDF Document Icon (700 KB)
Silver Care Packages: PDF Document Icon (261 KB)
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