Supco CRTH2
Temperature Humidity Dew Point Recorder

Supco 6" Chart Recorder with LCD Display, Alarms and Battery Backup

  • Measures Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point
  • Advanced, reliable micro-controller design
  • Built – in “Last Setting” memory
  • Two (2) line LCD display
  • Easy-to-use membrane keypad
  • All functions user selectable from front panel.
  • °F / °C selectable
  • Remote temperature/humidity probe with 6 foot cable
  • Field calibration of probe
  • Combination of 24 Speed and Temperature Ranges
  • 6” circular chart
  • Chart number displayed when Time and Temperature Ranges selected
  • Single turn or continuous chart rotation
  • Two (2) independent pens
  • Alarm with delay for over and under temperature/humidity
  • Audible and Visual Alarm indication
  • Remote Alarm or telephone dialer connection Optional Auto-dialer – ADTA)
  • Standard 115 VAC operation
  • Optional 12 VDC operation for auto or marine
  • 48 hour battery back-up
  • Low battery warning on display
  • Durable polycarbonate case with full-view cover
  • Free Standing or Wall mount
  • Snap-on extra support legs
  • Fold away carrying handle
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Product Information
Datasheet 679 KB PDF
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With a 6- foot remote probe, 115V operation and battery back-up, the Supco CRTH2 Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Recorder provides the ultimate in versatility and reliability.

Specification CRTH2
Temp Range/Accuracy -40°F to 130°F + 2°F (-40°C to 55°C +1°C)
RH Range/ Accuracy 0 to 95% (non condensing) at 32°F to 130°F +2% (0°C to 55°C) ambient
Dew Point Range 32°F to 130°F (0° to 55°C)
Chart Diameter 6 Inches
Chart Rotation Mode Continuous or Single turn
Chart Rotation Speed 1.5, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hrs, 7 and 31 days
Chart Speed Accuracy ±1%
Charts 60 assorted included
Display LCD 16 characters x 2 lines
Temperature Alarm Range -20°F to 120°F (-30°C to 50°C)
Relative Humidity Alarm Range 0 to 100%
Alarm Delay NO DELAY, 10 mins., 30 mins., 1 hr. or 2 hrs.
Remote Alarm Connection NO, 48 VAC/DC, 0.1 A resistive load
Ambient Operating Temperature 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Primary Power 115V AC, 50/60 Hz (230 VAC, 50/60 Hz optional)
Alternate Power 12 V vehicle operation (need optional adapter)
Battery backup 8 AA Alkaline Batteries (not included - see Duracell AA Batteries)
Battery Life 48 hrs. continuous
Dimensions 9 1/4” x 7 1/4” x 2 3/4”
Weight 4 lbs. 15 oz.
CRTH2 Recorder Charts
Temperature Range 1 Humidity Range 2 12 HR 24 HR 7 DAY 31 DAY
-20°F to 120°F 0-100% Humidity E20120F12 E20120F24 E20120F7 E20120F31
-20°F to 50°F 0-100% Humidity E2050F12 E2050F24
40°F to 110°F 0-100% Humidity E40110F12 E40110F24 E40110F7 E40110F31
-30°C to 50°C 0-100% Humidity E3050C12 E3050C24 E3050C7 E3050C31
-30°C to 10°C 0-100% Humidity E3010C12 E3010C24 E3010C7 E3010C31
5°C to 45°C 0-100% Humidity E545C24 E545C7 E545C31
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
CRTH2 Supco CRTH2 Temperature Humidity Dew Point Recorder  Buy Now $691.67
Included Items
  • 1 - 15V AC Power Adapter
  • 1 - External Temp/RH Sensor
  • 60 - Assorted Paper Charts
  • 1 - User Manual
Replacement Parts and Optional Accessories
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CABLE10H Supco CABLE10H 10 foot Extension Cable for KTH probe  Buy Now $38.25
CABLE6 Supco CABLE6 6 foot Extension Cable  Buy Now $26.58
CABLE15 Supco CABLE15 15 foot Extension Cable  Buy Now $38.25
CRT Supco CRT Power Adapter 12V DC 120V AC  Buy Now $29.17