Skutch CBC9000
Automatic Telephone Lead Generating System, Discontinued

The CBC9000 is an automatic lead generating system that produces low cost qualified leads.  A list of telephone numbers, or a range of telephone numbers, is entered into the system.   The system then dials each number and when a call is answered, the CBC9000 carries on a two-way conversation, asks questions and records the answers.  When the call is completed, the CBC9000 immediately dials the next programmed number automatically.   The CBC9000 can also operate as a sophisticated multi-question answering machine; this will allow you to place adds in a local newspaper and have interested customers call you with leads.

Working unattended, the CBC9000 makes up to 1200 calls per day and converts those calls into prospects.  The CBC9000 will out-perform three to four telephone solicitors because it never gets discouraged, frustrated or tired.

The CBC9000 only records your prospect's responses; therefore, the results of hours of dialing can be heard in minutes.  This system can record the names, addresses and telephone numbers of prospects that show an interest in your product or service; and it will even display the prospect's telephone number on the digital display screen during playback.  With this feature, you don't have to depend on the prospect to leave their telephone number.   

The CBC9000 is completely clock controlled, so it will only dial when you want it to.  A different time period can be selected for each day of the week, and you can even choose to make the unit dial only on certain days of the week.  When you set the system to run, don't shut it down, just collect the leads from the system each day.  The CBC9000 also has an important safety feature which prevents the system from dialing past 9:00 p.m. and before 9:00 a.m.  This feature prevents the system from calling potential prospects too late or too early in the day.

The CBC9000 is easy to operate.  The system has a 32 digit alpha-numeric display that actually gives you instructions as you go.  Most of the operations of the system can be performed without the use of the manual; that's how easy it is.  Using the CBC9000 for lead generation has been proven to be much more cost effective than human telephone solicitors, radio, television, newspapers, magazines or even direct mail.  This system will pay for itself not just on the basis of how much time and money it can save; but, sales can double and triple in the very first month of usage.  The CBC9000 is reliable and requires no supervision while it is working.  The CBC9000 family of lead generation systems have been the top selling systems in the United States for the last 5 years. Over 25,000 Skutch systems are currently in the field in the United States.

The CBC9000 is now being used in the following organizations and industries for lead generation: insurance, multi-level sales, real estate, energy saving, water softeners, fund raising, home improvement, security, stocks and bonds and political campaigns.  The CBC9000 is also being used for other applications other than lead generation.  Individuals and businesses who never before have considered using a computer telephone system to boost efficiency are now doing so for applications such as appointment reminders, service and delivery follow up, schools absenteeism, surveys and polls and emergency notification.


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CBC9000 Automatic Telephone Lead Generating System, Discontinued