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Skutch T-51A
Three-Line Swinger

The T-51A is a three line, telephone line switch.  This unit allows up to three standard telephone company lines (more lines when used in tandem with other T-51A's) to use a single Telecommunication Device.  The T-51A has three RJ-13 telephone cables that you can connect to either, three single line, RJ-11 telephone lines, or to three RJ-13 telephone lines as used on 1A2 or COMKEY Telephone Systems (in these cases, the T-51A will provide lamp control to indicate when it is on line).  When a call rings into any of the three lines, the T-51A routes that line to the Telecommunication Device.  As soon as the Telecommunication Device answers the call, the T-51A will place a "BUSY" across the other two lines (BUSY OUT can be disabled if desired).

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Any other customers that call in, while the Telecommunication Device is in use, will get a "BUSY" signal; this helps assure your customers that their call is important because they don't just get a ring-no-answer.  As soon as the Telecommunication Device is finished, the T-51A will remove the "BUSY" condition from the other lines and then wait for the next call.  Whenever you need to place an outgoing call, the T-51A will automatically connect you to Line 1.  Typical applications include connection to an after-hours order processing device, Voice Message system or a fax machine.

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