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Skutch AS-80
Digital Voice Alarm Dialer

  • 2 Independent Channels
  • 2 alert phone numbers per channel
  • Phone numbers can be from 2 to 32 digits in length.
  • 6 special dialing commands that make the unit compatible with pager systems.
  • 2 variable length user recordable announcements from 1 to 28 seconds.
  • Selectable Dial method TONE or PULSE
  • Variable redials for each channel from 0 to 9.
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The AS-80 is a State-Of-The-Art dual channel alarm dialer. It can be used with alarm systems to notify up to two persons when a burglar and/or fire alarm has been triggered, with an ATM machine to notify up to two persons when a machine is out of money and/or when a machine is out of receipts, or it can even be used in a food locker application to notify up to two persons if the temperature should raise above a certain point. Whatever your application is, the AS-80 can provide immediate notification of the detected problem.

The AS-80 can be programmed to call pagers, cellular phones, home phones or even answering services. The unit has several special commands that allows it to interface easily with most pager systems. You can program the AS- 80 so that it will display a special code on your pager so that you can easily identify the problem. For voice calls, you can record your own voice message up to 28 seconds in length for each channel for easy identification of the problem. The AS-80 uses high tech digital integrated circuits for the announcement storage. There are no tapes to break or wear out. The announcement will be retained in the unit for up to ten years without power. Best of all, there are no batteries used in the unit for backup, so you never have to worry about replacing batteries again.

The AS-80 features a well refined answer detect algorithm. The answer detect causes the announcement not to play until the called party actually answers the phone. This way the called party hears the announcement from the beginning and doesn't have to listen to the announcement played over and over like other units.

Programming of the unit can either be done locally, without the use of telephone lines, or from a remote location via the telephone line. Remote programming requires a special four digit security access code so that only authorized personnel can access the unit.

The AS-80 can be connected to a dedicated telephone line or to save money you can share a telephone line between the AS-80 and a voice line. When installed properly, the AS-80 takes priority over the line and will automatically disconnect the line from the other instruments when it needs access to the line. The AS-80 also has a unique method for handling incoming calls on a shared line. The problem is, "How do you allow incoming voice calls, but still allow the AS-80 remote access?". The AS-80 has the answer. The unit can be setup so that to access the AS-80 you call the line, let it ring twice, hang up, count to five, then call back. The AS- 80 will only answer if you follow this sequence. The AS-80 allows the telephone line to be used for both voice and AS-80 incoming calls without hassles.

The AS-80 features a unique set of outputs that can be used to control external devices. Each channel has a dedicated OUTPUT. Each OUTPUT supplies 12vdc @ 20mA when it is "ON". The OUTPUTS are turned "ON" whenever the corresponding channel is activated. The OUTPUTS can be programmed to stay on from 0.1 to 9.8 minutes before resetting. They can also be setup to be latched in the "ON" state until the unit is reset. The OUTPUTS may also be triggered "ON" or "OFF" by remote control. This gives the AS-80 the power to be used as a remote control device.

The AS-80 is fast, versatile, State-Of-The- Art, reliable, and is virtually maintenance free. The AS-80 is the perfect choice for your application.
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