Skutch BA-5
Hook Flash Promotion On Hold Adapter (Two Line)

The BA-5 is a two line, "Hook Flash" activated, Promotion On Hold adapter that can be added to telephones that have either 1 or 2 lines. Two BA-5 units can be used together to provide coverage for 3 and 4 line telephones. This unit provides excellent audio quality for connection to any audio source, from inexpensive tape decks to the latest digital playback units. The BA-5 can be installed on any telephone in the office and is accessible from all telephones, even cordless phones. This is a true plug and play unit. The end user can easily install the unit. Best of all, there is no programming required! To activate the unit the user presses the "FLASH" key on the telephone and hangs up. When the phone is picked back up, the BA-5 automatically releases. If there is a phone that does not have a "FLASH" key, simply press the receiver "HOOK" down for 1/2 second and release. The BA-5 is compatible with practically all telephones, so there is no need to check the compatibility sheet. The unit is 115VAC powered for reliable operation. The BA-5 is simple to install, and simple to use.
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  1. Plug supplied modular cord into phone jack, then to line input on BA-5

  2. Connect Modular cord from phone to phone input on BA-5

  3. Connect audio cable to BA-5, then to audio source

  4. Connect power cord from BA-5 to power outlet

Note: If you connect the phone line to the BA-5 after you have powered up the unit, both lines will initially go on hold.  To clear the lines, simply pick up the phone and hang it up.


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