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Skutch BA-1000
Appointment Reminder System

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  • Clock Control allows automatic dialing from 9am until 9pm, Monday through Sunday.  It works through lunch and after the office is closed.
  • Allows personalized message to be delivered to each patient with name, date, and time of each appointment.
  • If line is BUSY, it will automatically call back in 15 minutes to make sure it gets in touch with the patient.
  • Adjustable redials allow the system to redial NO ANSWER conditions, from 0 to unlimited.  This insures that you can get a hold of those hard to reach patients.
  • Optionally allows the patient to leave information for the office if needed.
  • Multi-lingual capability allows the system to be used in ethnically diverse areas.
  • Stand alone operation.  No computer interface problems to deal with.
  • One Year Limited Warranty.

The BA-1000 is an automatic dialer system that will save you hundreds of hours every month.  The system will call your patients and will remind them of their upcoming appointment.  It will provide the name, date, and time of their appointment.  The BA-1000 will efficiently reduce the number of no shows.


Easy to Use: Single button controls and voice instructions in remote playback.

Digitized Audio: Fully digitized audio for both incoming and outgoing audio.  The messages are stored on a standard ZIP 100 disk.  These disks are readily available at all stores that carry computer supplies.

16 Voice Mailboxes: In MAILBOX ode, the system provides 16 separate mailboxes.  Each person has his or her own personal message, alert numbers, and PIN number for access.  Each person ONLY has access to his or her messages.

Three Hours of Messages: Can hold up to three hour of audio messages.  Each Mailbox has the option to be expanded to over eight hours with ZIP 250.

Time Stamp: The time and date stamp displays the time and date that each call was received during local playback.  In remote playback, Time and Date are transmitted in voice.

Simple Playback: During an ALERT sequence, ONLY the urgent message(s) will be automatically played back to you.  Non-urgent messages can either be played back locally or remotely.

Playback Features: Skip, Save, Erase, and Replay allow fast, efficient playback of messages, both locally and remotely.  Auto-Stop between each message provides needed time to make necessary notes.  Last message audio prompt for easy identification of last message.

Four Selectable Urgent Call Modes: Selectable URGENT CALL MODES allow immediate notification of ONLY your calls that need immediate attention.  The BA-1000A can call you on your home phone, your cell phone, or even your pager.  The BA-1000A is persistent.  It knows that you need to be notified and it keeps working until the message is retrieved.  The unit has adjustable redials and adjustable time between calls.  Only the urgent message will be played back to you during an ALERT sequence; normal call can be played back at your convenience.


EVERY VOICE MESSAGE: The BA-1000A will notify you if any valid voice message is left.  It will not notify you if no message is left.

TONE: In this mode, the BA-1000A will only notify you if the caller presses a touch tone EIGHT anytime during his/her message.  This way you are notified ONLY if the customer needs immediate assistance.  This is the ONLY mode that can be used in VOICE MAILBOX mode.

ON CALL: For "ON CALL" applications, you can instruct the caller to dial 8 for immediate assistance and the BA-100A will only call the GROUP that is "ON CALL".  The "ON CALL" group is selected by the START GROUP parameter, which can be easily changed either locally or remotely.  This feature does not apply in VOICE MAILBOX mode.

CYCLE: This mode works the same as TONE mode, except that you can select the person that you want the BA-1000A to call first.  If the BA-1000A does not get in touch with the first person, it will continue to dial the rest of the employees programmed into the system until the urgent message is received.  This mode works great for "ON CALL" applications.  The "ON CALL" person is controlled by the START GROUP parameter, which can be changed either locally or remotely.  Does not apply to VOICE MAILBOX mode.

VOICE CONFIRMATION: When the BA-1000A has detected an urgent call, it will confirm the URGENT CALL to the calling party by saying, "You'll be called as soon as possible.  Please hang up now."

DIALING SEQUENCE RESET: The BA-1000A can be set up so that it will keep calling you until the URGENT MESSAGE has been received.  In SETUP mode, redials can be set to UNLIMITED or you can set the redials from 0 to 98.  The default redial setting is 20.  When the BA-1000A calls you at home or on your cell phone, it will wait until the phone is answered, then it will play the following message: "I have an URGENT message from your office.  Enter the ACCESS CODE."  When the access code is entered, the message will be played back and the dialing sequence will be reset.  If the BA-1000A is calling your pager, it will notify you by displaying a pre-programmed, user selectable number.  In this case the user must call the BA-1000A, during the announcement, enter the access code, and the URGENT message will be played back.  Once the ACCESS code is entered, the dialing sequence is reset.


  1. Remote Message Playback with verbal call counter and Time and Date Stamp for each call.

  2. Remote Message Playback functions: Message Skip, Repeat, Save, Erase, with auto Pause between messages.

  3. Remote Outgoing Message Record and Test.

  4. Remote Notification Phone Number Programming with verify, disable, enable, and erase.

  5. Remote START GROUP selection.


If the power should fail while the BA-1000A is in a DIALING SEQUENCE, it will automatically return to where it left off in the DIALING SEQUENCE once the power is restored.  If the unit was in auto answer mode, it will return to the auto answer mode on power up.  The unit uses non-volatile memory to keep track of this information.


  1. 128, 32 character Programmable Notification Phone numbers.  Eight numbers per person in MAILBOX mode.

  2. Programmable Ring Delay from 1 to 12, or Toll Saver mode.

  3. Announce ONLY mode.

  4. Voice Controlled Recording.

  5. Maximum Limit.  User adjustable from 10 seconds to 4 minutes, or unlimited.

  6. CPC disconnect detection.

  7. Auto Dial Tone disconnect detection.

  8. Auto Disconnect.  The unit automatically disconnects when you pick up a local phone.

  9. Disk FULL message.  Special message plays when the BA-1000A runs out of message storage space; "System full, please try again later."

  10. Separate four digit user programmable ACCESS code for message playback.

  11. Separate four digit user programmable ACCESS code for changing notification numbers and/or recording new outgoing message.

  12. Selectable automatic clock control feature allows unit to automatically turn on at office closing time, and turn off when office opens the next day.

  13. The BA-1000A's FLASH memory allows for easy system updates with your computer and the internet.

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