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Skutch AS-702
"Hold Key" Two-Line Promotion-On-Hold Adapter
See: AS702B

The AS-702 is a two line Promotion On Hold adapter that works when the HOLD button is depressed on your telephone. The best part about this adapter is that there is no employee training required to use it. When a call is placed on hold, the AS-702 detects the hold condition and plays the external audio. When the phone is taken off hold, the AS-702 automatically disconnects the audio.   A single AS-702 can be used to cover either 1 or 2 lines. Two AS-702 units can be used together to provide coverage for either a 3 or 4 line application.

The AS-702 will only work on telephones that have a voltage shift between the normal "OFF HOOK" state and the "HOLD" state.  Make sure that you know the make and model of the telephones when you call to place your order.

When the AS-702 is first installed you must go through a one time learn process.  The learn information is stored in a special non volatile ROM that will retain the information, without power, for up to 10 years.  The unit can learn up to eight different models of telephones.

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The AS-702 uses high quality transformer coupling to insure high quality, hum free audio over the telephone lines.  The AS-702 has better quality audio than a lot of expensive key systems provide.  Your audio source must have an adjustable audio level control.  We recommend that you use the headphone jack on your audio source to supply audio to the AS-702.  The audio jack on the AS-702 is an RCA type.
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AS-702 Skutch AS-702 Hold Key Two-Line Promotion-On-Hold Adapter Discontinued
See: AS702B