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Skutch AS-801
Promotion-On-Hold Segregator

The AS801 allows you to provide multiple Promotion-on-hold messages on one telephone key system. The once impossible task of providing different Promotion-On-Hold messages to specific, user defined, groups of telephone lines, in a single KSU, is now easily accomplished with the AS-801. The AS-801 uses the existing Music-On-Hold circuit on your KSU to provide this valuable feature. A typical application would be at an automobile dealership. The sales department could have 3 lines with a sales related Promotion-On-Hold message, while the service department could have 2 lines with service related Promotion-On-Hold information and the parts department could have 1 line with parts related Promotion-On-Hold information; all of this on a single KSU. The AS-801 allows you to configure the groups any way you desire, allowing you to have up to 3 different audio sources per 6 CO telephone lines.     

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A single AS 801 provides coverage on up to 6 telephone lines. If you have more than 6 lines, multiple AS-801's can be connected together to provide the additional coverage. All CO telephone lines that go into the KSU, that can be placed ON HOLD, MUST will be covered by the AS-801; i.e. if you have 10 lines coming into a KSU, you MUST use two AS-801's to cover the 10 lines. Since FAX and MODEM lines are never placed ON HOLD, they do not have to be covered. The AS801 installs easily, in series, between the KSU and the CO telephone lines. You can select which audio source is connected to which lines, by internal computer type jumpers. The AS-801 provides a female RCA type connector for each of the 3 audio source inputs. The unit also provides a master volume control for each audio source.


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