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Skutch DL-11
Promotion-On-Hold MP3 Player
see: Music/Promotion Message On-Hold Adapters

  • Reliable Music-On-Hold Audio Source for PBX and Key System telephones
  • Compatible with Key Systems, PBX, and all Skutch MOH Modules
  •  Digital based system provides much higher reliability than CD or tape based units
  • 200 mW of audio power provides plenty of audio volume. Works with both 8 and 600ohm audio inputs. Has an RCA output jack
  • Internal test speaker allows end user to easily verify that the unit is playing properly
  •  Has 64 steps of audio volume adjustment to allow for accurate volume adjustment
  • Auto play on power up provides excellent recovery from power outages
  • Auto repeat play function
  • Supports MP3 audio files up to 224kbs
    - Recommended format = 44,100 Hz @ 128kbs
  • Uses standard USB Flash drive. (USB1.1 or USB2.0)
  •  Multi-Message capability allows user to easily switch between different pre-stored audio productions
  • Holds up to 2 hours of audio productions on supplied 128MB USB Flash drive
  • Audio updates can easily be emailed to end user for fast and efficient updates

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Product Information
Datasheet 243 KB
User Manual 960 KB
Technical Guide 163 KB
PDF Help
The DL-11 is an easy to use, reliable audio source, for all Promotion-On-Hold applications. The unit is shipped with a demonstration MP3 audio file stored on the Flash Drive named "Generic.mp3". The DL-11 will automatically start playing the MP3 file when it is connected to power. When it gets to the end, it will immediately re-play the file. It repeats this over and over again to supply constant audio. If you should loose power, the DL-11 will automatically re-start, from the beginning when power is re-stored.
The DL-11 plays the audio directly from the USB Flash drive, so there is no initial LOAD sequence on power up. The unit has a built in 200 milliwatt audio power amplifier so it has plenty of power for all telecommunication applications.
The RCA Audio Output, on the front panel of the unit, is the only output that should be used. It has been design to work with both 8 ohm and 600 ohm inputs.
The DL-11 has a 64 step user adjustable volume control. To change the VOLUME you must tap the UP or DOWN buttons. The preset volume is maintained even through power outages. If a stereo MP3 file is used, audio is taken from the LEFT channel on the file.
The DL-11 also comes with an internal TEST speaker so that you can easily test to see if your DL-11 is playing properly. The DL-11 is very versatile. It can be used as either a single message system, or as a multi-message system. The maximum audio playback length for an individual production is 1 hour.
Cabinet Dimensions Size = 5.5” W x 4.75” T x 1.625” D
Frequency Response At 600 ohm load: 10Hz to 20,000 Hz
At 10 ohm load: 130Hz to 20,000 Hz
Power Requirements Input Voltage = 120VAC 60Hz
AC Input Current = 27mA
Input Power = 3.10 Watts

Ordering Information

Model Description Buy Online Price
DL11 Skutch DL-11 Message Repeater Discontinued
see: Music/Promotion Message On-Hold Adapters

Included Accessories

  • 1 - RCA Male to RCA Male, 6 ft cable
  • 1 - RCA Male to 1/8" Phone Male, 6ft cable
  • 1 - 128MByte USB Flash Drive
  • 1 - Operation Manual
  • 2 - #8 Phillips-Pan Head (1 inch) sheet metal screws