Skutch DL4
Digital Announcer

  • From 1 to 4 line operation
  • All Callers hear Announcement from the beginning.
  • Variable Length Announcements, up to 4 hours on supplied SD Card.
  • Announcements can be recorded directly on the DL-4 or professionally produced on a computer, then copied directly to the SD Card.
  • SD Card media allows quick and easy Announcement changes.
  • High Quality Audio will not degrade with time or usage.
  • No moving parts means Superior Reliability.
  • Six Digit Resettable Call Counter.
  • Auto recovery on Power Outages.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Built-in Test Speaker for Announcement Verification.
  • Supplied with High Quality Microphone.
  • One Year Limited Parts & Labor Warranty.
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DL4 Shown

Product Information
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Audio is stored in a WAV format on an SD Card for fast, easy announcement changes. Pre-recorded announcements can easily be stored on a computer then transferred to the SD Card. Separate announcements can be stored on individual SD Cards allowing announcement changes within seconds.
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DL-4 Skutch DL-4 Four Line, High Volume Digital Announcer Discontinued