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Skutch AS-66
Automatic Telephone Four-Line Simulator, Discontinued

Replaced by: Skutch CK-4

The AS-66 is a four line, telephone line simulator with auto ring up.  This unit simulates four individual, standard telephone company lines and also DID lines.  This unit allows Voice Cards to be used as information systems at malls, hotels or even trade shows; and it allows you to demonstrate Voice systems on a multi-line level.  Just connect simple single line telephones to the jacks labeled PHONES 1, 2, 3, and 4.  The jacks labeled VOICE CARD 1&2, 3&4 connect directly to industry standard RJ-14, dual port Voice Cards; or can be split for single port Voice Cards.

APPS: Multi-Port Telecomm Demos, Mall Information System, Multi-Port Testing

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AS-66 Skutch AS-66 Automatic Telephone Four-Line Simulator Discontinued
See: Skutch CK-4
AS-66-220V Four-Line Simulator (220 V Line Voltage) Discontinued